Scouts Concert

Last night, after enjoying a meatless bar-b-que with Geoffrey I went off to The Blue Note to see Chase’s band, Scouts, play.

I hung around for the first band to play, headed by a feisty lesbian (broad assumption), they rocked pretty hard.  Not my particular style, but I did enjoy their sound.  I had not been to The Blue Note in a while so that was fun in itself.  Not many people were around for the first band, but as they left the stage and Scouts went on to setup, people starting coming in through the woodwork.


I watched them set up their stuff.  Glad I didn’t have to do it.










They were awesome, of course.  Just for who cares, my friend Chase is the guy directly above this picture.  It’s pretty cool, like three of the guys in the band all play percussion, keyboard and guitar.  Something like that.  I thought that was pretty awesome, but maybe that’s cause i don’t play any of those things…

I went upstairs to waste some time while their broke down their stuff and saw a sign for the women’s restroom and it totally reminded me of how Chase says “ladies”.  So… I took a picture of it.  Of course I did.


The concert was great, I look forward to hearing them play again, hopefully a longer set.  I’m also hoping to do some photography for them, just like some studio type work, but we’d need to find a cool set/place and I’d probably need to get some new strobes (read, an SB-800 or two) to do it properly.  Course, for that money, I could get an AlienBees strobe light setup which would kick 20 SB-800’s collective asses!