Let’s Enhance

One of my biggest pet peeves on television shows, especially crime shows, is how obnoxious their computers and technology are.  Every bleep, blap and bloop with every click, tap and scroll really annoys the heck out of me.  So when I saw this compilation of obnoxious photo-enhance scenes from popular television shows and movies, I knew I had to share it.  Going through YouTube I discovered a plethora of these compilations, totally check them out.  Woot has a great selection here.

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What’s the Deal with Todd Stashwick?

Like seriously?  I had never seen him in anything and in the past year I’ve seen Todd Stashwick in…

  1. How I Met Your Mother
  2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  3. The Riches (my first Todd sighting)
  4. Law and Order
  5. Burn Notice (my second)
  6. Psych (very recently as an RX drug rep)
  7. Life (again, as an RX drug rep…)
  8. Supernatural (just today, as a vampire/werewolf/mummy)

Todd Stashwick, you must have the best agent in Hollywood.

Way to go!  And actually, you’re pretty darn good in everything you do. Not bad!

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Gossip Girl Night

Micheal came over today for some Gossip Girl and to have dinner and wine.  The idea was Indian and Rieseling but due to the Indian place we like closing a couple of hours early, we were forced to enjoy Bangkok Gardens.  Thanks to Micheal for treating me to dinner, it was yum!

We met this awesome girl named Biaca Sammy Sam Samantha who was eating some Thai at the bar.  She works for a local company as a receptionist and was just about as cute as a button.

She seemed facinated with Micheal and I, of course she would be haha.  Of course, I was probably just as facinated with her.  I love meeting really fun and loving people like Samantha.  Yay!  She actually reminded me of the waitress Ryan and I had last Valentines in Kansas City at the amazing vegetarian restaurant, Eden’s Alley.

Shout out to Samantha!

After picking up the Thai and heading home, we started up the AppleTV and got our Gossip Girl on.  I love how we both agreed on every aspect of the show, the good and the bad.  We found ourselves making the same comments about outfits and plot point at the same time.  Awesome.

I have yoga in the morning with Max and then class and then yoga again and then lunch and then I’m meeting with my photography professor just to chit chat.  Looking forward to that, kinda.

So anyways, a really fun night, sorry I missed out on having a drink with you Karen!  Next time, I promise!  Oh and really looking forward to Saturday.

Night night!

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I was reading Perez Hilton when I saw a really simple ad that said, “I Hate Sarah Marshall”.  It links to a blog of this guy who is getting over the breakup of his ex-fiancee Sarah Marshall.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m not a total Idiot, I might have spent more than five minutes believing this was a real blog.

Clever enough still, and because it has one of my favorite actresses in it, that I plan on seeing this flick when it comes out.  Catch the trailer below.  Some parts are pretty racy.  Just through I should warn you, this might not be safe for work (NSFW).

[flv:Forgetting-Sarah-Marshall.flv 442 239]

Who knew Jason Segel could do physical comedy?