Time for an Update?

Wow, life has changed a lot for me in the last few weeks.  New home, new job, friends moved away, friends moving closer, new responsibilities, letting go of the past…

You’d think I would have filled up the Internet with posts in my usual tell-all style.  Unfortunately, all this change has me so busy I haven’t found the time to make a post!

So, while I try to get myself together, why not enjoy this totally relevant cartoon and then click it to view the entire archive of Toothpaste For Dinner, one of the best online stick figure blogs out there. 😛

The Computer Demands a Blog

Quickie Update

Just a little update, more later.

  • Political Research paper proposal got highest possible grade
  • Photography critique went really well
  • Photography professor wants me to teach a 20-40 minute session on how I do my style of photography!
  • Moved the aquarium so that it does not sit directly over about $4000 in Nikon camera bodies/lenses good idea right?
  • Re-arranging things in the apartment, OCD is making me crazy!
  • Continuing to workout, no weight loss but can tell I’m building muscle
  • I have lots of class this weekend, 12.5 hours of it!
  • Got a free Chipotle burrito the other day with Micheal, then felt sick all day haha.  Oh well, tasty enough that it was worth it.
  • Geoffrey is coming into town, Hurray!  Can’t wait to see him.  He’ll be staying at my apartment and I’ll be retreating to the condo.
  • Carrie is coming into town!  I hope we can get some time to play with cameras 🙂
  • Still waiting to get that new Epson Printer… Waiting to see if they replace the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 for a 3880 or a 3900 (I want vivid magenta and roll paper!!!)

So that’s a quick blast update, kinda like Blogography’s Bullet Sunday 🙂