Earthquake?… Earthquake!

Ok, so I’ve been up for about an hour… keeping having this bad dream.

I’m blogging about that tranny video below this post and all of a sudden my entire building is shaking, my glasses are rattling, my fish tank is splashing and I’m like… WTF  It’s around 4:35-4:40am and things aren’t right.

I can hear the wood floors crackling and the ceiling was making these awful noises, like when something is stressed to a limit.  It reminded me of an old house next to a train track when a train passes by, only I live in a concrete/brick, four story apartment building.

The USGS shows the last earthquake to hit Missouri was five days ago and far off into the South East corner but also noted it takes about 10 minutes to update.  I reported it, who knows.

I’m going to guess it was probably some explosion somewhere.  I remember in Houston when we had a chemical plant explode and it shook the entire city!

Whatever happened just now, I know I’m not the only one who felt it.  I mean, even Ryan felt it and he was asleep in bed.  Anyone else feel it?  Around 4:40am.

Crazy.  As if the nightmares weren’t enough, a real event happens.

UPDATE 4:50 A.M.: You heard it first here my friends (haha).  There was indeed an earthquake, all the way in Olney, IL and we felt it all the way over here in Missouri.

More information is added every few minutes as more and more people report the ground shaking event (pun intended).  Turns out I was of the first to post!  Within the first ten minutes, which data is still being processed, no reported had been filed so mine went through along with the first batch, that’s kinda cool

Maybe this is why I couldn’t sleep, impending doom (of sorts) kept me up.  I’m just like Eli Stone in that one episode

For more information on the quake, click here.