Sessions with Joey L

Sessions with Joey L

Sessions with Joey L

Wow, he’s everyone I want to be.  Smart, funny, talented, adorable, successful and a photographer doing what he loves and inspiring the pros around him.

Did I mention he’s like 19 years old?  Did I mention he’s the guy that shot the infamous and oft impersonated Twilight poster?

Sessions With Joey L – Tutorial Preview from Joey L on Vimeo.

Joey has a couple of DVDs out with his tips, tricks and techniques and as with most photography tools, these videos are incredibly expensive.  And yet, I’m tempted to scrounge around for the money to buy them.  The two DVDs together will cost around $500!  That’s pretty incredible.

Imagine an Annie Leibovitz that’s guy, that’s 19 years old but nearly every bit as important and successful in his field of photography.  His is the style I’ve wanted to do since I got into art photography.  Real winners are rare between while the market is flooded with fluff photographers not work the equipment they are carrying.

I hope to someday do the work of Joey, to be as successful, humble and passionate.  I also hope that my current trip into architectural fine art photography isn’t a mistake.  That my critique of educational institution isn’t a handicap for my art’s success.

Click photo to visit my photography site

Click photo to visit my photography site

I hope my love for the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf style of photography such as the works of Candida Höfer and Andreas Gursky can actively be incorporated with my adoration of Joey’s and Annie’s works.

This post started as a small plea for things to come together for me to arrive at having a set of Joey’s DVDs and wouldn’t you know it, now I’m questioning my recent vein of photography for the bigger picture.

On the internet and in business I market myself as a social media/marketing/PR guy.  It’s what I do to pay the bills while simultaneously teaching photography both at the University and in my spare time at coffee shops, photo studios and over the Internet.  But perhaps I’m not so off base.  Joey does something similar.  Perhaps I should look towards him as my inspiration in both my business and creative energies.

Would love your thoughts on all this, any of this.  This blog is as much a teaching engine for me, as a vent for the good and bad and a tool for me to learn from my readers and contributors.  Thanks for all you do for me.

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Shooting AdagioTeaV with the Canon 7D

Last night @ZackLuye and I shot the latest episode of AdagioTeaV at my apartment and with Zack’s new Canon 7D.  I blogged about this camera earlier in the week, boasting about it’s beautiful video and whining about not having an HD feature in my Nikon D700.

We setup up the Canon 7D with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens, a couple of my Arri lights and my Kodak Zi8 (just for fun).  The result was some beautiful video, and hilarious outtakes.

Adagio TeaV: Episode 42 (canon7d) from Zack Luye on Vimeo.

This is by far the best AdagioTeaV has ever looked.  It’s been shot with a massively expensive Panasonic HD cam, a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon XL2 and other pro-level cams and this $1,700 D-SRL did it the best.  That’s pretty telling about the state of digital videography.

The whole experience went pretty smoothly.  FinalCut Pro installed, despite stalling out in the middle of the install, and we got to editing the video.  That of course really equated to me watching in awe as Zack took to FinalCut Pro like a ninja.  The only real hiccup came with the memory card Zack purchased by recommendation from Columbia Photo.


See, the ProMaster compact flash card turned out to be horrendous.  Despite advertising better than 300x write speeds and boasting UDMA technology, the card simply could not keep up with the Canon 7D.  In fact, it could only record 2:46 mins of video in a single session!  That’s pretty awful, especially if you’re shooting with a single camera, without a standalone audio recorder and, well if you want to record more than three minutes of action.

When we put in my Lexar 300x UDMA cards, which I love and adore along with my Nikon D700, these time limitations disappeared.  Apparently not all UDMA compact flash cards are created equal.  Moral of the story? Stick with the big guys, SanDisk and Lexar.

It was fun watching and learning from Zack using FinalCut Pro.  Sounds like we’re going to exchange our unique bits of knowledge.  Together, we’re unstoppable! 😛

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I Want to Work for Pure

Ryan showed me a Vimeo video this morning from a company called Pure Marketing & Media. I’ll embed it below this so you can get idea of why I want to work for them.

Pure/Arable Demo Reel Fall 2009 from Pure Marketing & Media on Vimeo.

This is coming out of Columbia Missouri.  Seriously.  It looks like something from an agency out of LA or New York. The HD video is delicious.  I just cannot get over the cinematography and how it fused with the music.

This agency managed to make Shakespeare’s Pizza and Les Bourgeois Vineyards look better than anything I’d imagine coming out of Columbia, or really anywhere else.

What’s kinda crazy is I just came across them, accidentally, in the Columbia Business Times and didn’t even make the connection until just now.

My rambling here is largely due to the awe with which I am currently struck.  This is what I have wanted to do all my life.  Beautiful, creative marketing.  What refreshing marketing and from a city overflowing with horrendous television advertisements, cheesy print ads and simple-minded outreach.

Pure Marketing & Media… If you’re reading this and say need a social marketing guy, an art photographer (food, architecture, portrait, landscape, event…) perhaps a future videographer… hell, I’ll settle as the guy who gets to take out the trash…  Call me.

I have worked in marketing since I was in junior high, no joke.  I currently work for a firm based out of Texas specializing in food, wine and hospitality.  I specialize in converging and streamlining new-media with traditional marketing campaigns.

If I got to work for a company putting out the type of product Pure Marketing & Media is putting out… Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to get the hell out of Columbia to move back to San Francisco.

Did I mention I’m a college student who is graduating in May? Fresh meat! 😛

Oh and the music and beautiful music video? I presume it was a local Columbia band, I am sure @clettenberg or @coreyschmidt could enlighten me.  I’d buy their album based on this demo reel.

Ok, enough gushing.  Catch you guys later.  Pure… your work is amazing.  Hope you have a Google Alert setup :-O

UPDATE: Days after writing this blog post, I was given a job at Pure which I maintained until November 2010 when I moved back to San Francisco. Social media and Google Alerts really do work. As it is right now, June 2011, this is the number 2 ranked post on Google regarding Pure.

What I Intend to Do

When my new camera comes in tomorrow, the Kodak Zi8, this is the kind of stuff I want to do with it.

Idaho 2 from Brock Nordstrom on Vimeo.
Taken in Idaho Falls area of Idaho with the Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD camera.
Themed to Bishop Allen – The Chinatown Bus
First time using Colorista in After Effects for my colouring instead of seperate RGB Curves.

So cool, now I’ve gotta learn FinalCut, After Effects? Either way, I’m excited to try out new things!

Also coming in soon? My new Roomba and my new Drobo. Very excited about all of the new great things, hopefully I’ll stop murdering my electronics. Seems just walking near them and they die!

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I Don’t Care to Know You That Well

We’ve all gone on a date with someone, been friends with someone or just bumped into someone at the airport or Starbucks who seems to feel the need to tell us their darkest thoughts or most embarrassing truths.  I know I’ve been on dates with these people and their self defeating communication style.

Finally, someone has put this into a music video, auto-tune and all.  It’s pretty amazing really, I know I’m excited to show it to you.  Plus, it’s kinda hilarious.

Personal Things from Dan Sheppard on Vimeo.

I’m an intern at Archrival, a sweet youth brand marketing agency. My fellow intern, Anthony Galvan, and I decided that our coworkers don’t quite know us well enough yet. So, for part three of our intern minute series, we put together a video that might help fix that. »

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Mr Hudson – Supernova

Bought this music video on my iPhone today and became an instant favorite.  I’m a sucker for good beats, bleached blond hair and beautiful cinematography. This video has them all plus a sometimes douchey but always talented Kanye West.  It’s the first single off Mr. Hudson‘s new album, Straight No Chaser.  He looks an awful lot like an ex of mine old friend of mine…  Makes me kinda wish I still had the bleached blond hair of a few years ago.  That was fun.

Here’s the video, sorry Vimeo wouldn’t let me embed the HD version, click the vid to check that one out.  Got the HD version and just posted it, sweeet! Still, pretty cool that Mr. Hudson (hate calling him that) is using Vimeo to put out his video instead of locking it down to MTV/iTunes etc; plus he posts people’s videos of his music from YouTube to his own site. Pretty sweet.

[flv:Mr_Hudson-Supernova.flv 640 360]

What do you think? Album comes out October and I’m pretty sure I’ll be pre-ordering it on Amazon MP3.

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