Nightmare Election Results

I woke up in a fight this morning.  I had a dream that I turned on to CNN for the election results and McCain, as well as the entire Republican party, had made a landslide victory.  They had even won California!

Not only had all the Republicans won their races, all of the propositions were in their favor and they had already taken it upon themselves to undo the civil rights movement.  We were moving from a Federalist system to a Confederacy system.

It was marshall law, anyone who believed in individual rights and freedoms weren’t safe anymore.  We were called civil-insurgents.

We can’t let this happen.  Yeah it was a dream but still, it was real to me.  Vote Obama, vote for civil rights, vote for freedom, vote for love, vote for change.

Vote for Barak Obama for President

Vote for Barak Obama for President