Picture Perfect Wedding

Saturday my brother married the most amazing person, Lisa, and now I have a sister.  The wedding was beautiful, the weather perfect and the scenery stunning.  We had a wonderful time in the Texas hill country and seeing old friends and relatives was awesome.

Here are a few pictures I took from the wedding.  I did my best not to take pictures since I was a groomsman, there were two hired professional photographers and my dad’s side of the family is full of professional photographers that were doing their best to catalogue the events.

So here are a few shot for you to enjoy.


Justin Trahan and my brother at the groomsmen’s house.


Me taking a self portrait. Not something I do all that often. Love this fish eye.


My awesome cousin Benjamin. I met him for the first time this trip! I cannot wait to visit him and his brother in Denmark, hopefully this summer!


This is my cousin Chloe.  She and her parents are totally addicted to this gourmet cake company company my mother has been using for years.  We have become friends with the owner, Annabelle, who made these awesome cupcakes for the rehearsal dinner.  Can you tell she really loves them?


Childhood best friend Jena with another great friend from the olden days, we are talking Bellville Elementary to Senior High.  Crazy!


Friend of the Bride Amanda and my belle of the ball, Melissa.  We had so much fun reconnecting over the weekend.  Oh wow, what a wonderful time.


That’s where the reception was, hanging over Lake Travis and such a beautiful night.  This was taken from the groomsmen house.


 Melissa and I taking a self portrait.

DSC_0033 (1)

My adorable cousin Eleanor.  She was the flower girl in the wedding, did a great job.


Ahhh, the fountain.  We took some great pictures here with the professional photographers.  Once I get a copy I’ll post them up here.

Update from the Hill Country

My brother gets married in two days.  It is really exciting and nerve wracking.  I can only imagine what my brother and Lisa are feeling right now.  I cannot wait to someday go through the very same emotions as those two.

Tomorrow night… well I guess tonight now, I will be giving a toast to my brother.  I guess this is what has me so anxious.  I am not always a great speaker in front of large groups of people.  When I have my confidence with me, I can speak to tens, hundreds of people with great stride.  However, tonight is different.  This is my one chance to express all the love I have for both my brother Patrick and Lisa in about five minutes.

Not only is it impossible to condense my love to five minutes, but to properly express it in front of all of those people, to make it funny and interesting…  Yikes.

But it really isn’t about me.  It’s about them.  Looking around at the scenery however, you’d think it was the hill country’s weekend to shine.

Well, I should get to bed, get some sleep for the semi big day right before the actual big day.  We have a lot to do. All the tuxes are the wrong size, the table cloths are the wrong color and we’re hosting the whole thing.  Plus, I kinda dropped my iPhone and damaged him up a good bit.  The standby button is jammed, not a good thing.

Alright friends, time for sleep.  Much Love!