Bags! Bags! BAGS!!!

I’ve been getting toys like crazy lately huh?  It’s all for a reason, or at least it is in my head.  Here are my latest two gems.  Arrived today from is the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home.  This holds ALL of my photo equipment, less the tripods and ARRI lighting kits haha.

7 Million Dollar Home

That’s not my stuff (which is too bad cause DAMN!) but that is my bag.  I’ll be reviewing this guy after a while once I get to use it a bit.  So far I could not be happier.  Took a bit to get it properly configured but wow, what a wonderful fit the two of us are!

The second bag purchase was a Built.NY Laptop Porter bag.  This thing is the shizbizzle.  They really thought of everything.

Built NY Laptop Porter

Let me just copy and paste what they said about it…

The new Laptop Porter boasts two exterior pockets for easy accessibility to documents, files and accessories. Constructed from neoprene, the Porter provides remarkable protection for your laptop. The main compartment features a heavy-duty zipper closure and the zigzag stitched seams improve water resistance and durability. Our proprietary removable shoulder strap makes carrying our bag more comfortable.

So it holds the laptop, a binder or papers in the accessory storage doo dad, my power cable and headphones and flash drive and media reader and everything has it’s own place.  The bag is so comfortable since the entire thing is neoprene.  So where more bags would pull on your shoulder with each step, this one stretches to absorb the shock.  Genius!
Ok, I’m off to hang out with Micheal and Dustin.  Some Will and Grace and maybe some video games and some beer.  Yay to great friends.  Too bad they are all leaving me soon!  Sad face!

Wii Has Left the Building

Let it be known.  I am a loser.  I returned the Wii today.  Saved me $398 that will be better spent… erm, saved, on my photography needs.  That lens is sure looking sweet!

Plus, I have a photoshoot in Birmingham in a few weeks so having the tools necessary is more important than my 1600 level Wii Sports Tennis rating.  Yeah, that’s right.  In one hour and fifteen minutes scored 600 points over the “pro” level.

Watch out Serena Williams!  Oops, I mean Andy Roddick

Andy Like it on His Back

See what happened when he heard the news?!  He seems a little too eager to play real tennis with me.

Wii Want to Keep You

So a couple of days ago I went on a midnight Wal-Mart run for, of all things, potting soil for our garden.  I just happened to walk by the electronics department and lo and behold, what sits before me?  Two Nintendo Wiis!  This is pretty amazing considering that the average time a  Nintento Wii lasts on the shelf is only one hour.

Ten minutes later it was mine and the second one?  Sold to girl who was equally surprised to see one actually available to be purchased.


I got an extra controller, nuchuk, Super Maria Galaxy, WiiPlay and went home to set it all up.  Takes only a couple of minutes, three cables, that’s it!

And after one hour of play time, one hella fun hour of play the Wii, I was wondering… Do I really want to keep this thing?  I’m going to let Ryan make that decision.  I hate to spend $398 on something I don’t need when there are things like lenses that I want more and possibly even really need.

What do you think?  Keep the Wii or be half way to the one of the lenses I want?