Calibrize Isn’t So Dumbassy

I was a little to hard on the Calibrize people… I admit it.  I guess it’s the moodswings I’m getting these days 😉

The creator of the software was kind enough to make a comment regarding why there are macs on the website when the software doesn’t work on a Mac, unless you run Windows on the Mac using Bootcamp or some similar software.

By Igor on Feb 22, 2008

I’m the idiot who came up with that software so I guess I should explain.
The pictures is what we have. We use Macs. However, most of our customers use Windows and are therefor missing out on the built in calibration utility that Apple ships with its computers. We simply made a (more or less) similar utility for Windows to at least get our customers in the right color ballpark.
Obviously, because there is no use for Calibrize on Mac, we never bothered to develop it.

So, anyways, they make a great piece of software that is free for those poor unfortunate souls who are stuck running Windows.

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