Wrinkle in Time – Photo Project

So, for our last photo project we get to choose our theme.  I am really bad about that, so many ideas pop into my head and I’m such a sporatic photographer.  I can change photographic styles on a whim, and often do.  Because I have gotten such kind remarks about the dark and unique lighting photos, I’ve been hanging on that style for a good long while.

But now I feel I want to branch out again.

My project idea is photos featuring and showing off older people, as well as younger people but highlighting the way people age.  It is something that has always intrigued me and I see such beauty in age.

I found some beautiful pictures from a Flickr photographer named lonedfx.  My pictures would be similar to these.  It is as if he read my mind!  I would, however, use a ring light to create some fun light effects.  I would also like to feature faces more, at least five or ten pictures of just straight on head shots.

The only difficulty in getting these pictures is access.  But here’s my plan.

  1. Offer free 8×10’s for those who participate, could be a Christmas or Thanksgiving gift to family.
  2. Offer free 17×22 of those who participate as a group photo for the nursing home.
  3. … Thoughts?

What else could I do?  Should I drive to the nursing homes or call?  Should I have a collection of pictures to show I’m legit, even though I don’t have any really of people?  How should I approach the local nursing homes?  Should I go to hospices and if so, how do you treat that?  I feel that everyone is beautiful and I want to both showcase that as well as create a constructive social narrative of how people deal with age, time, money/consumption etc through a picture.

What kind of thoughts do you guys have?  I need to have pictures for class on Tuesday for my professor to look over.

I, as usual, appreciate any suggestions and thoughts.  If you have any ideas of how I could capture kids and families as well, that’d be great.  Seems like I don’t know anyone with kids.  Guess that happens when you’re surrounded by other college students!