Not a Trivial Night

December 9th I spent most of my day at the hospital for tests. I’ve been getting bronchitis around six times a year for a while now with the occasional pneumonia thrown in for good measure.

My general practitioner, finally having enough of it, sent me to a pulmonary specialist for a proper diagnosis. After a PFT (pulmonary function test), X-Ray, a CT-Scan, a few stress tests/O2 measures and a meeting with two pulmonary specialists, I had my diagnosis.

The news wasn’t good but also not the end of the world. It isn’t life ending but it is something I will live with for the rest of my life. It’s progressive, chronic and not a fun diagnosis. But not something that I will let get me down. I have too many wonderful people in my life, Ryan being at the very top of that list, that make life more glorious. More fantastic than any bad diagnosis could defeat.

That night I was given evidence of these awesome people. I got a call from Corey asking me to join him and Sam (@coreyschmidt and @samuelaveryhunt) at Harpo’s for trivia night.

You might say that the night itself was “trivial”, har har… This was my first foray in to trivia and, what a remarkable performance by all! We were just one question away from winning it all! Unfortunately, Phoebe (@fotofobe) was there…

Being the smarty pants she is, her team, the Never Nudes, swept up the win.

Never mind, that. The evening was a wicked fun, ending with a few more drinks with Chase (@clettenberg) at their place and my first taste of Wise Guys Pizza.

It wasn’t long before my unfortunate doctor visit was just a distant memory.

Thanks guys, I love you.

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