Take It Slow

I love this song, Oridinary People, from John Legend.  I could listen to it over, and over again.  It is a song I cannot help but sing along, however awful I might sound, though I think I do just fine!

I had a sit-down with Sean my manager today.  It was absolutely inspiring.  I also saw Ryan today, I miss that guy.  Sure wish he was’nt so poopy.  I am house sitting tonight and using the pronoun “I” even more than usual.

Work was fun and very short today, only 4.5 hours, about half my usual shift haha.  For serious!  Was a blast working with Zeke, that kid… hahaha.  Don’t even get me started on Sean.  Hard to believe I was so afraid of him when I first started.  He is an awesome manager and such a real and fantastic person.

I guess it is time for me to head out for Sushi with Kayla and Jeana and some Barnes and Nobles goodness.  Catch you guys later!

Incredible how having a desk inspires me to post more often.

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