Take That Back on Tour

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I must be a bad pop music fan cause I had never heard of “Take That”, which

  • apparently has a HUGE following including imitation bands
  • is full of very attractive guys
  • it once could claim Robbie Williams as a member (which is kinda cool)

Take That, Britain’s original and biggest boyband’s new Take That tour will kick off in 2009 and they will perform in London Wembley, Newcastle, Manchester Old Trafford, Cardiff Millenium Stadium, Glasgow Hampden Park and Sunderland. Take That tickets for the 2009 Tour are available here New album The Circus sees Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark play massive UK stadium shows as part of The Circus Live 2009 Tour.

So, if you’re in the UK, go check them out, use that link to get your tickets.  I’ll go ahead and put in a music video so you can get an idea of their music.

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