Taking a Break

I’ve been working out for a bit and decided to hop on a computer over in the lounge to get a break. Lucky you huh? Lucky me, I am kinda sick to my stomach from the elliptical. Burning 450 calories in thirty minutes will take a good bit out of you. DSC_4803.JPG Not a ton of calories but enough. Next up is arms and chest then work on leg press, calves and abs.

As of right now, I am carless but not especially careless. For about a week my car has made this jarring noise when making a turn. Turns out my power steering pump is going out. Caught it just in time, had I waited a few more days I probably would have been driving and BAM! No ability to really steer without some great effort. Ever driven a car without power steering? Ever driven a car built for power steering and having that go out? Makes it about twice as hard to steer.

My sunroof is also stuck open, no good huh? And my locks aren’t working right all the time, the power lock portion that is. Plus I tore off the door handle in an ice storm and the paint is kinda fucked up on the front right and rear left (accident that we weren’t told about when we bought the car).

I was all set to buy a new car, checked out a few new/used Hondas. It is amazing how little value they lose. DSC_4797.JPG A 2004 Honda Civic with 28,000 miles is priced at $16,800. A 2007 Nissan Altima is $13,880! Wow. Go Honda.

Getting the steering fixed and the sunroof is going to cost me around $500, yuck. But it is cheaper than a new car. If one more thing goes wrong with the car though, it’s all over. I mean, I have put 188,000 miles on this thing. 188,000 miles. Jesus, that’s a lot of driving. It have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

My next car will be a Honda Accord for sure. I love these things, drive them to your own death, they last forever!

I have put a few new pics on today. I’m sorry for being a lazy ass with the blog and not posting new pics in so long. School has gotten busy and I’m actually getting hours at work. It’s crazy actually having money. Wow, what a concept. Instead of an average of 4-6 hours a week I’m pulling in around 15-20. Goodness Graceous! I”m not sure how good the pictures look, I’m typing this on a PC (yuck!) that is running Internet Explorer (yuck!) and the images on here look really jaggedy… chopped up. I resized them which would explain that but really, they should look fine. I am hoping it is just the low resolution on this computer because on my computers, all running at high resolutions, the pics look great.

I have a boyfriend. I figure I can safely say that now. I’m hiding this in a post kinda… not really hiding it but not being my typical self and broadcasting my entire life out there. Keeping things kinda somber, at least in regards to my personal personal life. He is a wonderful guy; smart, kind, hilarious, fun to talk to and hot (I can say that).

Ok, off to finish up my workout.

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  1. I hope its not raining with your sun roof stuck open. Don’t park under any bird nests…

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