Testing with Flock

So my friend Chase has started using Flock to publish his blog entries. We all know I tried Qumana for a while with good results but I tired of some hiccups with categories disappearing and blog entries duplicating. This brings me back to trying Flock, one more time.

Let’s see how it goes!

Already not happy. How do you set categories gosh darn it!  (oh, it’s after you hit publish.  weird)

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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2 thoughts on “Testing with Flock

  1. Turns out Flock was not for me. I have my WordPress so wonderfully customized and optimized and plugged-in; adding Flock actually slowed the whole process down. I can, however, see some great advantages of Flock when using a basic blogging platform. There is much room available to improve the program, maybe they’ll call me on board to give them some tips? haha

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