That Name Game

I have recently been hitting up some new blogs out there, many of them by people with my first name. I am not sure what it is about the name Justin, but we seem to stick together.

In Bellville I took a class with Justin Peck, Justin Barber, Justin Wolfe and Justin Scott (myself). Also in that class, Dustin Slater, Dustin Pfeffer and Jason Borne with Jason Bosse in the back. What a confusing day.

Justin Peck and Justin (Cody) Barber were two of my best friends in junior high. James Brown was of course my number one man and Jena my number one gal. Justin Peck and Jena dated, then James Brown and Jena dated, Justin (Cody) Barber, well he never dated Jena but he was friends with Ben Roberts who was my second friend, first guy friend, in Bellville.

That was a mouth full.

Then there was Peter Krol and Seth Johnson, Wesley Jones and Jim Jones (my greatest ally and enemy all in one). Jacob Janicek and Thomas Landers. Who could ever forget the Appling sisters? Morgan, Melody and Meredith. Marybeth Morgan, Ashley Raesner and Jessica Mishck were my girls through my sophomore and junior years at BHS…

I guess my point is this. I remember people. Why? I don’t know, somehow I can remember almost everything about a person from years ago. I remember way too much sometimes… It seems that if I get your last name memorized, you are stuck like glue into my memory. The last name is of course key.

Look at my cell phone. 264 different people with 510 different numbers. 98% of these ppl have their last names in my phone. Who does that? I do. I might not know how to spell someone’s last name, Jessica and Katie Mishck for instance, but I can tell you that they were really fun ppl. Jessica and Marybeth were great friends with Ashley, Jessica played the french horn, sat infront of James and I. We poked fun at each other all the time but really we were pretty good friends. She and Rachel Neihuus hungout together all the time haha, I remember the sombraro… oh good times, good times!

I would love to write a chapter about everyone I have met in my life, put it in a book and publish it. A tell all sort of publication, no holds barred et al.

I could cover so much, do you realize how much has happened in your life so far? Every year something HUGE happens personally and not so personally. I remember when I cried at the one year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. I did’nt care about the bombing the year it happened, only one year later was I able to feel other peoples’ pain. Now that has become a large portion of my life, sometimes taking control of my life so that I cannot live it for myself, only for those in mourning.

Which reminds me of the original title of this post, “Good Mourning Dave”, where I was going to explore my transferable emotions… Then there was the second title “Blogging Exploration” where I was going to list off the great blogs of which I had recently made aware.

I love the idea in Harry Potter of memories. If you have read the novels you should get what I mean, especially in the newest addition to the series.

When all is lost, we still have our memories. Which is why I feel so badly for those without memories. Maybe they should blog…

5 thoughts on “That Name Game

  1. I have a cousin Justin. In the same way, I never really knew a mike until I started dating one. Now I know at least four. But there are never any other Kevins… :^(

  2. all of the kevins i know are gay. every last one of them. i know a lot of kevins. and i know a lot of mikes. mike was my first mike but now i know about four gay mikes… don’t think i know any straight mikes. that’s queer… half of my mike and kevins are coupled too!

  3. We have this whole memory thing in common. Do you ever remember people so well but they obviously don’t remember you name so you try to use 3rd person sometime in the conversation just so they know? Because that is what I do. I love memories and I have tons of them as well. Oh yeah what about all the teachers you have ever had. I can remember all of them…while some people can’t even remember who they had for 7th grade math! gosh…Mrs. Shows was one crazy lady. She would alway immitate Mr. Rodgers when she put on a jacket or was fixing her shoes. And as for Harry Potter, I love the idea of a visual memory being able to be extrated from the brain…amazing work by J.K…

  4. wow justin, the other justin, only one other justin? that is crazy talk! my parents gave me my name because they had never heard it before, just pulled a random name out. guess a million or five other families did the same thing.

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