The Bar

last night we, we being George, Mike and Kevin (another Mike and Kevin) and Aaron went to a club called, The Bar, in San Francisco in the Castro district.

Seth’s co-worker’s boyfriend, or maybe she, is a manager of the club which means Seth can usually get in with no problem.

I txt msg Seth to let him know I am there, it seemed like the right thing to do. He calls me back, he is in a movie but said he would come over to the club after the movie finished out.

more later, class has started

A few calls later… he is not coming any more. It is a “1 hour bus ride”, a 3.4 mile walk (thanks googlemaps). That is at most a one hour walk, i calculated the average walking speed at 3-5 miles per hour.

The BART was still running at this point. I got from where he was, a few weeks ago, to where I was, last night, in about 15 minutes last week for $2.00. Probably 20 minutes on the MUNI.

Ok, stupid justin is not scheduling his day very well, I am off to class again. Spent my afternoon cleaning my house, it is even worse now haha.

Seth bitched me out hard core, said I was guilting him into coming… I just told him I was there and if he wanted to come he was totally invited… Whatever. He blew up when I pointed out that he ditched me at The Flying Goat a few weekends ago… he BLEW UP. What the hell?! You fucked up, not me.

I hate when people bitch me out when they are totally in the wrong.

A few hours later, I get a txt msg from him apologizing, I miss a call and he leaves me an apologetic voice message and then he calls again and talks to me apologizing. It was incredibly surprising to hear him apologize to me. He really grew up in the period of time. He told me he was sorry for being jealous and how he acted “like a total bitch”. Well, thanks for that, it actually does mean a lot.

Meanwhile, George has passed out totally, we thought someone had drugged him he was so out of it, I guess he is ok though haha.

I am off to class, then to Target to do some shopping and then home to do a hella hard-core clean. I sure wish I had someone to come here and keep me company so I could stay on task… Damn you Jenny, why aren’t you here?! haha

Ok, I should really go!

Stetson myspaced me back. Wow, I had no idea who else was gay in Bellville haha, some people I would never had guessed, and then those you just knew. Stetson, hats off to you for being awesome.

Really leaving now.


3 thoughts on “The Bar

  1. Wait just a minuet here… Another Mike and Kevin? There can’t be another Mike and Kevin! That just won’t do! From here on out, their new names shall be Elvis and Pedro. That way, there is no chance in hell to get them confused with Mike and I!

  2. there are even more similarities! kevin works at a food company just like yours. elvis and pedro? that works haha.

    oh my kevin, we should talk haha. i might have a bartending idea for ya! bumped into a guy last night that bartended in guerneville but just moved to the city. the hot blond guy haha (well hot to me but not REALLY hot but whatev, i am posting a pic of him I stole last night when he was’nt looking with my camera phone haha)

    gotta clean!

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