The Beautiful One (cont.)

So I am home now. Clay and I (the guy who called me beautiful) headed to this bar called The Black Cat. It is a lesbian bar about 10 minutes out of Santa Rosa. It was such a blast! Neither of us drank anything and we had so much fun.

Beth, one of the bartenders, was having her going away party tonight. She is moving to Costa Rica. I sure wish I had brought my camera with me. It was a Kodak moment if ever there was to be a Kodak moment. We drove back to Aroma’s singing to Enrique! LoL! What a trip.

Prior to writing this post, typing rather, I was watching Secretary on the Oxygen network. It is really interesting. Someday I will have to watch it all the way through, however, I had to stop it. Had I not, well you would not get this post!

So I left off writing about the perfect meal.

Started off with a simple table wine, brie and bread. That was followed up with a light salad (frisee!!!) and an onion soup. Next up was a chateaubriand atop garlic mash potatoes, with a mushroom and white wine butter sauce. Three or five sprigs of asparagas sat next to the hefty prime beef, sitting opposite a ginger/citrus delite (to cleanse your pallete for the desert). Ah, the desert was a trio of creme brulee, rum, trouffle and vanilla. Opera music played in the background of the dimly lit eatery making this affair be of extraordinare.

Then off to Santa Rosa where I observed an exciting number of antique and classic cars gallabanting around town. I have such a love for car shows. I remember my very first car show, the Houston Auto Show 1997 with James Brown and my dad. My next car show I joined James and his father. Drove around until I realized I really just wanted Aroma’s. What an interesting site I saw as I pulled into Aroma’s. A little man completely surrounded by oceans of colorful balloons. It was quite the site, he must’nt be any much taller than the parking meters layed in rows up and down downtown Santa Rosa. Can you even see him in there? It took me a good while to find the guy!

I hung out at Aroma’s for a few hours, had some bagette for lunch with a mocha frio to wash it down. After a good bit there I decided to head out to Gold’s to workout.

Gold’s was a blast! It felt so great to workout and I even showered there! LoL! I was told by several people that the showers were kind of shady. With a little hesitation I took the corner to find myself standing before six empty showers. I hopped into the shower and did my usual routine. 🙂

Back to Aroma’s, but only for a moment. I decided that a stroll around town would be a great idea. I headed right behind Aroma’s to take a picture of the sun setting along with the crescent moon’s lazy gaze. I never can set a permenant personality to the moon. Perhaps it is its perpetual metamophosis which keeps me from drawing any solid conclusions. TOnight the moon was in mourning. Something lost, perhaps simply time. I felt he was realizing just how much time has pased before his self. Perhaps he knew the last time it would ever happen or maybe it was that he will never have an end that had my faceless friend upset.

There are a few old rail cars in the field behind Aroma’s. I was tempted to hop the barbed wire fence and explore the beasts of burden, as they once were. Alas, my fear of law’s rath turned me towards other explorations. Before I left the site, I imagined what Dave would have done. For sure he and I would have created some alter reality in this discovery. Perhaps with his influence I would have conquered that fence. Alas, I turned towards civilization…

That is to say I headed to Chop’s. I totally thought this was a restaurant, a steakhouse of sorts. NOPE! Not at all. It is a teen center! I stumbled inside and guess who I saw… The girls I seem to find every night I hang out in Santa Rosa. They told me more about the teen center, showed me around, invited me out this Thursday at 7:00 for Positive Images. I think I might volunteer at the teen center this summer. Next door the bright and friendly sign of Michele’s caught my increasingly effervescent eyes and mind. Ahhh, thought I, this is the restaurant who’s Charlie Brown was stolen. (There are Charlie Brown’s all over town, like the Cows in Houston, New York, Chicago, etc)

Beautiful little restaurant on the inside. I peeked in to see not a single patron. What a sad sight. You would think a place as bright and exciting as Michele’s would be filled to the brim with bright and exiting people. Not the case here.

Across the street I found a quartet of children playing on the side walk. Their game was all their own. At first I envied them and their freedom. Almost as quickly I realized that I had no less freedom. I have found myself, free.

Off to walking again… I followed the tracks all the way back to Aroma’s. One time, three times, a Hummer limousine circled my block, green lights streamed across its sides as it searched for a parking spot large enough to acoomodate its conglomeration of steel and polycarbon.

I detoured from my supposed former destination to walk up fourth street. The Last Day Saloon was hopping with people, the music poured out of the doors as steadily as the beer from the taps. I have heard that it is a great place to hang out, no gays in sight! hehe I absolutely adore their sign, not sure what it is about the design that captures my attention…

I talked to Mike R while I walked back to Aroma’s (count em, how many trips to Aroma’s today?!)

This is now the point where I was re-introduced to Clay (the beautiful). We started talking about his sociological theories and reconnoitre the people around us. I had no idea how homogenous Santa Rosa’s people are until he pointed out several of his observations to me.

So we then ended up hopping into his Eurovan (those things are kick ass!) and heading towards Penngrove to Black Car Bar and Cafe. Had a gay ol’ time there and then headed back to… you guessed it.

I bumped into the former scary guy, now kinda cute guy and Peter, a guy I met yesterday. He is from Amsterdam and a great conversationalist. Clay and I talked with Peter a good while about nearly everything, Clay headed out early while Peter and I to continued our conversation a little. He is a very nice guy, one I would love to get to know better.

I guess that is really it for now. I am going to get some sleep!

Love you all.

Oh, but first…

Listening to: Kelly Osbourne – Sleeping In The Nothing – One Word

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