The Beautiful One

So I am sitting at Aroma’s, just uploading photo’s and listening to the live jazz music right? Then from behind comes the guy who said I was beautiful!

He is sitting across from me right now, working on some paperwork for Berkeley. He knows the scarey guy that stares at me… Turns out he is a really nice guy, he is brilliant, but was struck by lightening! So that explains his blank stare haha. He looks cuter now that I know he is not a crazy!

Today was fun. I got up, listened to the new Kelly Osbourne album, pretty good by the way. Then hit up a little podcast time, listened to Keith and the Girl. They were putting down the Dawn and Drew Show, those bastards! They are just jealous of the Dawn and Drew Show success. Grrr hehe.

Went downtown to Aroma’s to register for classes (online), grr for transcript problems, again. Story of my life!

I went to a job interview at Fife’s Resort. It is 100 years old! I just google’d them…

“A gay resort on the Russian River with accommodations including cabins, camping, restaurant, bar, and pool.”

Can’t wait for my parents and rest of the family to google them tonight, yikes. I did not know it was gay haha.

The interview was really tough though! Beyond a regular interview, I was asked to define words, easy. Then asked the difference between searing and sauteeing. Easy enough. Then asked the differences between Cow, Goat and Sheep’s milk. Uhmm, not too bad. Then asked how frisee, endive, trouffle, confit, etc, was prepared. Yikes! I had most of it down, the frisee was the toughy. I did not know it was just curly endive! Argh!

I also was asked to plan the ideal dining experience and explain why I made the choices I did.

Started off with a simple table wine, brie and bread. (oops! interruption)!!!

off to hit a bar with beautiful guy haha

more later!

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