The Columbia Review

Visiting Columbia was by far the most rewarding thing I had done since, well leaving Columbia in the first place.

I got into St. Louis at midnight, Friday. Landon picked me up from the airport and brought me home, I was to stay at his place while in CoMo. We had a good time talking about life and the future and what all I was hoping to get done while in Columbia.

Woke up that morning pretty early, went on campus. I first bumped into Ian at Memorial Union with Amanda. We walked around campus for a while until I bumped into Ashley. I went to the Brothel, no one was home but I left a note for Jenny. Then back on campus I saw Emily, Patrick, AnDrew, Trent, Meghan, Brittany, Landon, Yolanda, Brenda, Brenda 2, Tara… I saw nearly everyone haha.

Off to hang with Jenny for a while and Michael. Dinner with Landon and then we ended up staying in all night instead of going out as planned. I was a bit peturbed by the end of the night, or rather, the ending of the night.

The next day I hopped over to campus, hung out with Micheal, Jenny, Meghan, Jim and Mark at the mall, got my Uhaul, packed it up thanks to Megan, Jenny and Jim. We had a blast, I think, loading up the seven-teen foot bohemoth. Back to the Brothel, time to get ready for the big party!!!

I went back to Landon’s to get ready for his party, well Katrina’s that we were going to. I had fun there but he totally left me hanging. I barely knew any of the people and he seemed to be pulling a Seth, pretending I was not there. I am not sure what was going through his mind…

I left that party early to go to the Brothel party. Landon said he would join me. (he never ends up there)

The party was a huge success, I get to see a ton of old friends and make just as many new friends. Especially this one, he was/is a complete doll, such an amazing guy! Instantly fell for him, one of those… I did the same thing with Micheal; fall for these incredible guys right before you move away. Really a shame, I should learn to not do that haha.

There was of course some drama, some people got in fights… I stayed outta it all and had a fantastic time. Some people had a little too much fun but meh, halloween right?

Geoff and Mark came, yay, so did Matt and… well let’s not even list the people, you can look at the pics earlier and earlier to see who all was there. Geoff looked absolutely fabulous as the Phantom of the Opera.

Blah blah, the next morning, Jenny, Jeremy and I woke up and went to breakfast at Ernies with Megan.

So much freaking fun. He had not ever been to Ernie’s, we took his Ernivirinity.

I saw Jim one last time, then Kevin and Will the Thrill! Oh so much fun. Kevin and I went to the Upper Crust Bakery to see Dave and ended up lunching with Dave and Nissa! Oh how I miss these people. I cried on Nissa’s shoulder after Geoff and I broke up… Katie and Jenny and Nissa had some seriously wet shoulders for a good three, four or five months. God I love these girls.

Finally got out of town and into Tulsa where I am now, falling asleep at the keyboard about to post and then go to bed. I plan to go through my boxes tomorrow and then fly back to California.

Love you all


3 thoughts on “The Columbia Review

  1. I miss you already, and why we didn’t take apicture together is beyond me. Because pretty+pretty=super pretty.

  2. OMG you have no idea how much I enjoyed seeing you this weekend. After we were catching up on old times it felt like you never left. I hope that we never lose what we have Justin. You are one of my best friends and I miss you more than ever….. Come visit soon!

  3. Hey…sounds like a good time was had by all! So glad. I’m kinda jealous. I didn’t get to go to any partys were I could dress up. It sucked!Oh well we still had a good time. But when you get back Kelly and I want to hang out with you. So glad you got to go bad. and OH! OMG! I have some new for you!! but your going to hate me but still. lol give me a call….later

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