The Crazies Were Out


I must remember to keep a pad of paper with me at all times because I have just seen and heard exactly what great commentary books are all about today.

I totally just took a picture of the dynamic duo

Phantom is playing on my shuffle, appropriate I believe.

I am sitting at the St. Josephs Urgent Care Center to have my spider bites looked at.

Now I must quote the crazy lady (on the left in the picture)

“Excuse me, last time I was here I got a… a recipe, not a recipe but a prescription for some medicine. I went to Walgreens to get my meds but some were $35 so I could’nt get them. One of them I really needed, it was for the anal irritation… the other was for the pains in my ass, asspains. I think hemoroids. I really needed them, plus it itched.”

She then asked for a new prescription of the “ass medicine”

She is reading a bible held in a trapper keeper and the patient privacy clause (who actually reads that?).

She is insane and the woman nex to her is not far off. It is her mother on the right who’s psoriasis was cured through prayer… Her name is Brulia (the crazy girl). What an interestesting name.

“My fingers hurt in between”

She wants to get her mom new Thomas Kinkade jewelry just like the Thomas Kinkade jewelry she used to have.

Thomas Kinkade paints, he does not make bracelets and rings. The lady next to her bring this fact to her attention (not the mother, a really sweet older woman). I feel sorry for the poor thing!

Ok, so she just announced to us how embarrasing it would be if she turned and accidentially showed us…

She got mad at her Reeboks just now, she is taking them off, and her socks. She has begun to pick at her feet, blackened and cracked. She smells her feet.


She thinks she has a foot infection, so she sniffs her shoes. She now informs the entire waiting room that she once owned hundreds of shoes and that she belongs to the YMCA.

Note to the YMCA, please don’t let your pets out without a leash.

Interjection from me… Tony Maciulis is so cute! He was just on MSNBC, totally cute haha. He looked better on my screen than this screen shot from forever or so ago. Anyways, he is cute to me and that is all that matters!

They are fucking crazy I tell you. She has hairy legs, belches, smells and has facial hair. Boy goodness she smells!

Her mom just left and is back again.

Outside she was telling anothe rlady that living in a fifth-wheel was no way to live (talking about some guy). ALso, she spoke of the tattoo on her upper thigh of a butterfly. It is a monarch (no it is’nt) which is her favorite.

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