The First Sup of the Day

We all know by now that today was a complete waste for Justin. It is one on a long list of days that could never have happened and my life would be altered didly.

The night is somewhat different, thank goodness!

I met up with Noah at Coddingtown Mall. His sister works there. Any who, we both got smoothies, chit chatted, and it had a good time.

I feel like I am writing for some PTA’s newsletter…

Never-the-less, like my sign pictures above? I kinda do, I was hoping for something else but I cannot change the exposure to a low enough level on my camera. More reason for a D100, merrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

I am super sad that my camera cannot pick up stars at night, again an exposure/lens issue here. Gosh darned I need a D100…

The spiders started a rebellion today. I walked into the livingroom, to leave for chit chat, and caught myself in a net of webbing. Spiders were no where in site.

I can feel it in my bones… they are planning gangbang round two… I’m freak’n out over here haha. Gotta instigate spider internecion 2005, and soon!

In other news, I almost forgot to eat again today. Luckily the smoothie woke up my stomach, sadly I had to eat a $0.99 cheeseburger from Wendy’s. This place shuts down like geriatrics at a swap meet!

I am off to enjoy, Waiting for Guffman. I heard i was fantastically funny, let us hope it is!

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