The Forge and Vine

No longer feeling like death, thank goodness.

Last night I went out with Geoff to try out a restaurant new to both of us, The Forge and Vine.

Immediately upon entering the “Grill, Wine Bar and Terrace” I was reminded of Black Bear Diner where I used to go with Mike and Kevin. Getting a better look around, ignoring the bear figures carved from tree trunks, I realized that this place had the potential to be a pretty classy act in Columbia.

The hostess greets us and asks us if we want to eat downstairs or go upstairs for the music which will be starting in about thirty minutes. We choose upstairs, anticipating a fabulous wine bar, cushy chairs perhaps and some great music.

The upstairs of Forge and Vine puts you into a sort of hunting lodge setting; basketball playing on the television where you feel a fireplace should sit, above maybe the head of some large game animal. A hard bench wraps around one side of the bar with soft high-bar stools opposite. We get our table, get a good look at the two hot guys sitting at the bar and talk about first impressions.

We aren’t too excited about the looks of the place anymore, while the “tavern” look never goes overboard… It never really hits the spot. If they want the hunting lodge look, raw cedar and at least one head of an animal is in order! Otherwise, pull the plug, stain that wood and scrap that basketball for something a little more sophisticated. This is a Wine Bar, not Cummberland Mountain!

The menu is priced right about what you would expect, each person able to get an entree for around $10 with a plethora of starter options from baked crab dip to chicken skewers to loaded french fries.  There is an extensive sandwich section allowing more than enough options and customizations.

It’s just too bad that the service was so terrible.

I wanted to try out a wine and asked her what her favorite by-the-glass wine was.  She asked me, “white or red?”  My response was, either, what’s your favorite and she followed up with, “how can I recommend something if I don’t know what you like?”

I would have rather heard:

“Well, if you are a red wine sort of guy, I would recommend X.  I love how it tingles from it’s first embrace of your lips to the essence of mulderberries that floods your mouth with a sweet, velvet texture followed by a rich aroma which lingers in the back of your mouth exploiting all of your senses”.

Is that really so much to ask for?

We drank our water and lime, listened to two songs and on Geoff’s recommendation, left the joint.  Where else to go?  Sycamore?  Nah.  Trattoria?  Meh…  The good old standard?  You guessed it; Addison’s.  And of course, awesome food, awesome service and the wine, cheaper by a significant dollar amount (talking sometimes upwards of $8 bucks a bottle cheaper than The Forge and Vine).

Geoff and I had a great time, I applaud our ability to be even more catty than the waitress from The Forge and Vine.  Always a great time when in the company of great friends.

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