The Going Ons of the Day

I got to sleep in today! yes, it was amazing.

My mom and I woke up late, (well she dropped my dad off around 5am to catch the shuttle to Oakland International) and picked up lunch at Mazatlan in downtown Santa Rosa. It is this awesome Mexican food restaurant, amazing burritos haha. We each had a Burrito Supreme Carne Asada, delish.

Walked through the mall, said hi to a few friends and then went to class. I am really enjoying my statistics class right now, now that I am doing so well. I totally understand this stuff, not sure why everyone seems to struggle, of course I am really struggling, I figure I just got lucky!

Took the shuttle back to the mall where my car was, sat with Lacie, oh Lacie! I miss this girl. We had a great talk and fun ride, too bad it was so short. She looked great!

Got home, hung out with my mom a bit, roofing inspector came by and said the roof was in fantastic condition, top notch materials, etc etc. We went together to Healdsburg to go to Oakdale Grocery for a cookie and coffee. We ended up spending around $40 for cheese and tapenade on top of the price of our coffees and cookie. We are so high maintenance haha. I picked out a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte 1996 Grande Cuvee Palmes d’Or Champagne, an impressive 95 point champagne. $129 a bottle but I’m sure worth every dime for drop! The casing and bottle is enough to spend the extra $$$. While it is no Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchilll Cuvee 1995, the price is sure right! A great alternative at around $30 cheaper. Some day I will have a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne to share with my “whatever”. Better save up now eh? Well, we left there with lighter pockets and fuller stomachs and turned the car to the 101 and Santa Rosa.

Picked up a few things at Target and then Home Depot, finally dinner again at In-And-Out. Picked up a few essentials at Safeway and finally, finally, finally home where we baked cookies and watched Martha Stewarts Apprentice, which I absolutely love!

I wish my parents could move in with me haha, I love them! Too bad my dad had to leave so soon 🙁

I also am loving my new heater.

My room went from 66 to 75 in under ten minutes.

I am in such a loving mood, I love Justin Cole’s blog MeetJustin. I am all about other ppl named Justin and their blogs haha.

Speaking of blogs, mine gets hella traffic. I am hoping to take advantage of that by adding another ad to my site, again very unintrusive, at the very bottom and themed in. Many people have never even seen the one on the side bar to the right! I have only earned just over $4.00 with my google ads. I think if ppl saw them more easily I would get more clicks, which would really help me maintain the site haha. Or better yet, help me afford the new iPods!

Video on the iPod, fantastic!!!

Also worth noting Jason Mraz, Anna Nalik, Liz Phair and James Blunt are all going to be in Santa Rosa and I just have to win tickets to see them. It is a single concert! I am way too excited about it, what do I do? maybe someone will find pity on me at 104.1 and give me a ticket or two. I would totally flip, wish Landon could join me, he would absolutely love that concert.

Well, I am going to cut out around now, sleep time! Brush my teeth with the Crest Vivid White Night and then fall asleep, hopefully. I love this dental routine I have! The Listerine and Crest system really works!


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  1. Mike and I saw someone totally worthy of your stalker picture taking thing you do. So, since you weren’t there, I tried to get a picture of him. He was too far away however and the zoom on my camera phone just isn’t good enough… But I tried.

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