The Going Ons

I have gone on a few dates and made several new friends and hung out with some really cool people recently… a lot. Seriously, I am so social now that I am not tied down… I love meeting new people and hanging out. Kayla and Jeana have become two of my closest girls, now if Lindsay would call me back! haha, girl, I have so much to tell you LoL!

I am off to bed early tonight. Last night I got 45 minutes of sleep and the night before only 2 hours of sleep and the night before… Yeah, really needing sleep, so by 9:30 I should be half way to sleepy land.

Missed a lot of phone calls and behind on emails and text messages, please forgive me! I will try to catch up soon.

5 thoughts on “The Going Ons

  1. I lost your phone number, too… I just realized I could get all cheap and message you. :o)

    William John.

  2. I’m so sorry! I am so busy in Santa Barbara! I am actually having to work, what a concept! I want to hear everything, so I will give you a call when I have a chance!

  3. ***puts on snooty French accent***

    5 da’s without a post! this ees an outrage!!


    William john.

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