The Haunting

There is this really bizarre, creepy old white building off HWY 63 South to Jefferson City. It’s just outside of the city limits, has all of these no trespassing signs around it, what looks like farming land around it, a grain tower and a water tower. It also has these weird concrete cubes around the place…


I really want to go inside and check it out. You aren’t supposed to go beyond the sign “without permission”. I wonder how one goes about getting permission… Maybe I just trespass, how much trouble could I possibly get in? Haha, probably a lot.

I like to think that it is some sort of old asylum, some version of the the one in the movie, Session 9. Creepy movie… Too bad some dumbass, capitalist developers tore down Danver’s State Hospital. This place was so beautiful, so massive and had such an incredible story. So much of the American Psychiatric Associations practices and beliefs were born from this facility. To tear it down is a disgrace to our country.

2 thoughts on “The Haunting

  1. That building/land is the old state penitentiary farm. Prisoners farmed the land around there and stayed in that building. It’s been old and dilapidated since I was a kid.

  2. I believe it was the Womens prison. I seem to remember it being open until 1993, at which time the lady-prisoners were moved due to the flooded ass land (you should have seen the giant pieces of highway 63 after the soil under the northbound lanes washed away… its no longer elevated…) Of course, that was back when we only had one bridge. Ahh, the memories.

    Someone tell me again why I live in this suckhole of a town?

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