The Moon and I

Bad news on the Wrinkle photo project.  Talked so someone who used to take pics in nursing homes, retirement communities (my Dad).  He was telling me that if people are spending the night, they probably signed a HIPAA.  And if they signed a HIPAA, as most would have to, I would have to get legal documentation of permission to take their pictures, and anyone else that might show up in the frame.

If there were some senior centers around here, which I believe there is at least one, I might have a chance there.  But I can’t rely on these other things right now, I’ve gotta go out and take pictures!

I have one really cool idea in my head which I will share tomorrow.  Yikes though, I have to have pics to show my prof by Tuesday!  Just pics that show I’m working on something though, nothing more than that.

So, until then, I leave you with the only pics I did take tonight.  Pictures of the moon with Micheal, who stayed warm in the car.

This is going to be a very busy week.  Right now I’m tired, thirsty and getting sick.  Boo.  I have chronic bronchitis.  Get it every year and just about every year, it turns into pneumonia.  So right now I’m trying to get healthy, meanwhile the semester is ending and my classes are getting really busy.  Not happy about all of this!!!

Night friends. Thanks for all of the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Moon and I

  1. The love the way the sky looked tonight. And you, of course, captured it very well. Can’t wait to take some more pictures tomorrow night!!!

    Micheals last blog post…Prop 8

  2. Gorgeous pics. The clouds almost move. HIPAA = blah. We have a standard photo release form that we use here that could easily be modified to state that you will only be using them for the purpose of your class and not to sell. Saturday night the Senior center has a band performing (that stuff is always in the entertainment section of the Tribune on line). Oh, if you still want pics of kiddos I have one family that has agreed to let you photograph their kids, and I can check with the other one that just welcomed a new baby last week. Feel better quick!

    Karens last blog post…Ouch

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