The Night with Matt

So here is my night with Matt, I promised I would post about it 🙂

I drove to Jefferson City to his apartment which was in itself exciting. He has always driven to me, this time, I drove to him.

When I got to his apartment I was greeted by a phone call from Geoff… not the greatest phone call and not sure why it even happened for as long as it did seeing as the voice message explained simply that I had a CD he would enjoy and that I would try to drop it off and that he have a fun, safe time, over Spring Break…

Then I was actually greeted by Matt. He walked me to his apartment which proved to be quite charming. The bedspread was made by the same people who made mine, it was the version I looked at before getting mine. He even has the same dust ruffel! He has a one bedroom apartment, studio style. The building was built in the 40’s but on limestone which, as Matt taught me, ceased to be used in the 1920’s… We contemplated on how this was to be and decided to stop thinking about it haha.

He had live orchids and other beautiful, tropical plants growing in his apartment. In addition he loves sail boats and just water in general. He spent four months living in a shack he built on the coast of Florida… He had some beautiful pictures of the home he created and also some fantastic stories.

We left his apartment to get a tour of Jefferson City. I was pretty much a Jefferson City virgin, he took that from me hehe. He has keys to the capital so next time he said we could go to the dome and sit, watch the stars and just enjoy the view. He drove me around downtown and told to me the story of each and every building around, or at least a good bit of them. We even went to the governer’s mansion, it seemed a little too dark… haha.

He lives in the apartment of a former republican official… I forgot the name but as the story goes, the apartment was only for when the fella would be in Jeff City… having sex with other guys! Scandelous!

He showed me around, gave me a tour of the strip and of Lincoln University. There he brought me to see a Smithsonian exibit of photography. The pictures were beautiful, some funny and others tragic.

We had dinner at a grand little greek restaurant and then headed to a winery to gaze at the stars. It was again picturesque.

Back to his place I was kind of nervous and kind of excited… Never had we ended up at one of our homes. I wanted to kiss him or hug him or something but I got too scared! I went to the bathroom to calm down haha. I got out and we made passes at it but neither of us made a move that was too obvious.

He walked me to my car and we said our goodbyes, again the awkwardness as we did not know what to do. So we said goodbye and I drove away…

Then I got home, planned to go to SoCo, nixed that, instead it was craziness and just AGH so let’s not bother with that.

so we are done now haha, love to you all!

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