The One that Got Away

Last night was quite, QUITE the night. I had a complete blast hanging out with Mizzou Forte for our A-Ca-Power-Hour though I was not there to say one way other another if it happened. I had to take care of some chores.

I got my apartment to the state of clean that I find most comfortable. When you start out with a really clean apartment, bedroom, closet and bathroom, it is so easy to keep it all clean.

It is amazing how much living in a clean apartment makes you enjoy your time at home.

The picture over there (up, left) is of one of the new girls in MF. She has a great voice and a fiery, fantastic attitude.

I got this pic of her just as she was turning, if only my shutter was a bit faster, I think this picture would have been super fabulous. She has that look.

I really just loved Shannon’s dinning room. But you all know how I get wet over organization. haha. Seriously, how cute is this room? Simple, Target-ish and clean. Loves it.

Prior to MF I hung out with Chadd at the Berg with some of his friends. It was such a great time. I really enjoy hanging out with these people. We tried to watch Pan’s Labirynth but we were both pretty tired.

I packed a lot of stuff into yesterday. Today I have class for only one hour and then work from 5:00pm and until 1:00am. Oh wow.

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