The Other Justin and Pine 22

I am always excited when the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend during one of my trips comes up. On my trip to Orlando I got to meet two of my Twitter friends in real life (IRL) for the first time. The first was a Twitter friend of my namesake, Justin, followed by Skylor at another downtown Orlando restaurant.

Corey and I met Justin aka @TheJustins86 at a gourmet burger restaurant called Pine Twenty 2 in downtown Orlando. Pine Twenty2 was the recommendation of Justin and what a great one it was.

Pine 22

How we actually came about Pine Twenty2 is even more interesting. Corey was showing to me the menu of a restaurant downtown. I kept saying “wow that sounds awesome” and thinking, “I want to go there!” Then I say to Corey, “The other Justin wants to go to some place called ‘Pine Twenty2’…”

Meanwhile, Corey was showing me the menu to Pine Twenty2 the entire time. If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

At first I was a bit worried about what in the hell I would eat. Being a vegetarian (technically a pesce-lacto-ovo-tarian or something like that) and on the Four Hour Body diet isn’t easy when eating out. However, in this case I was in luck.

The black bean burger at Pine Twenty2 is just about 100% black bean without the filler most have. It was served on fresh green vegetables instead of a bun which fits perfectly on my diet. It was, hands down, the best black bean burger I have ever had.

I wish I was one of those people who can taste something an immediately know what is in it. You can be sure I’d be making this just about everyday, were that a talent I possessed. Guess I’ll just have to go back the next time I’m in Orlando.

The Many Faces of Justin Salazar

The Many Faces of Justin Salazar

Justin shared with Corey and I a short bio explaining how he got from Albuquerque New Mexico to Orlando which was eerily similar to my story about my journey from Columbia to San Francisco to Columbia to San Francisco. At times, the similarities between our lives was scary!

A very entertaining conversation to say the least and I’m happy that we got the chance to do it.

Then I got to thinking, since we have so many things in common, what would a computer say about us, at least based on our (prolific) social media interactions. So I put both of our profiles through the awesome generator and here’s what I got (click to see the full version).

Justin vs Justin. FIGHT!

Pretty sweet huh? What I learned:

  • We’re both pretty happy
  • I drink too much wine and he drinks too much coffee
  • I love fine food and he likes good music (honestly this is probably a tie for us both)
  • I’m blazing trails on Twitter

We ended lunch with the intention of hanging out again later over some wine but a combination Orlando apparently having absolutely zero alcohol friendly parks and a few other extenuating circumstances prevented that from happening. It was a pleasure, nevertheless, to meet Justin and enjoy lunch at Pine 22, things I look forward to repeating on my next trip to Orlando.

Follow (the other) Justin on Twitter and check out his Tumblr.

Note to self, next time you’re in Orlando, do a Tweetup at Graffiti Junction so we can have a big ‘ol Tweetup with unlimited wine for $10 each. This will happen next time I’m in town. Who wants in?

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  1. @thejustins86 I’m still thinking about that unburger burger I had. That thing was crazy delicious!

  2. @thejustins86 I’m still thinking about that unburger burger I had. That thing was crazy delicious!

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