The Other Night

SO just the other night, last night, Dave, Britany and I went to see I Heart Huckabees. I really liked the movie. It made me oddly optimistic and just in such a fabulous mood. I am definitely going to buy that movie. It is so rare that a movie is able to do that for me and when I find those movies I just have to have them.

Afterwards we went to Waffle House where I was offered a job and where I ate an interesting, to say the least, mid-night breakfast. The waitstaff there were just great haha. Quite fun.

Afterwards we raced some cars much better suited to race than mine. I totally lost but it was fun anyways haha. They smoked me like a brisket. We just walked around Wal-Mart for a bit and then we went back to Dave and Britany’s. We played mind games with the drunks below their window and I met Dave’s ex-boyfriend who was… interesting. We talked for hours on his couch, it was really nice. I could stare into his eyes for hours… that is weird for me.

It does not nearly remind me of Geoffrey though. When I stared into Geoffrey’s eyes, everything else reflecting from his eyes seemed so beautiful. He saw me as beautiful, I saw him as beautiful, but only when looking into his eyes, seeing myself relfecting from them, did I ever truly feel beautiful. God I miss doing that… Geoff and I did have a fun time though the other night. Things at times got a little “iffy” but we got through them before there were any large problems. I am in love with him but I cannot let myself not try other people right? I mean, I want to be happy and I want to be emotionally intimate with other guys but always behind me will be Geoff. the love of my life, or at least I think he is.

Hmmm… came out to Jena today, it was nice. She is coming with me to Chicago which is going to be great.

Anyways, I am off to bed, I have a doctors appointment at 8:00 AM so I need some sleep.

p.s. i love the osbournes!

Oh wait! Did you see Beyonce’s performances tonight at the Oscars?! She was amazing. I am goign to find a way to rip the songs from our TiVO and put them onto my journal. It was just so awing.

Much love… Love to you all


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