The Popscene that Could Have Been

“Lisa”, Freddie, Lacie and Seth. Lookin’ good eh?! I sure think so.

Alas, I never made it to Popscene. Got about 1/3 the way there and was too damn tired to handle it. Drove to Seth’s, left him a little letter. Awe…. 😉

And I felt so great right before we left. I did my own makeup tonight. It was a bit scary but it was also so fun. To transform yourself for a night is to become something you normally can only dream of.

I got home and took a few pics of my masterpeice, what do you think? haha. Don’t worry, not even close to becoming a gay guy who wears makeup all the time, just when we go out to particular clubs. It is super fun. The makeup I did tonight really brought out the color in my eyes. Thank God for that, no longer does only the shit color come out.

So I need to go to sleep now. I work a long day tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my bank card figured out too so I can get some cash. Will be nice to be able to eat again haha. I love my new body though, I feel like Kevin haha. Soon I will be thin! Yay for diet and exercise, though Seth has been a terrible influence on me, but perhaps worth it haha. Hmmmm, wink.

Loving my water, loving california, loving life away from “that thing”. Thanks to Ian for a great little chat today.

Time to astringent this makeup off. You all need to switch from whatever you are currently using to MAC Cosmetics. MAC is just an incredible company with some incredible products.

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