The Potential is Boundless

I started an account with BoundlessGallery today.  This site will allow me to sell my photography in a really unique and simple way.

They handle the money aspect, allowing shopping carts and I just set the price and printing options for the pictures, figure shipping and they do the tax and setup the gallery.

There are a ton of options out there but this one seemed to be the best one for me.  Plus I found a coupon that made it even cheaper.  I’ll post my affiliate coupon here soon.  My account is still being certified but should be finished within 72 hours.  Once certified you can browse the artwork, which is all available for your viewing and commenting pleasure, at PiczarPhoto.

As I move pictures availability for purchase to BorderlyGallery, I will create a link on the PiczarPhoto page of each work.

I’m very excited at the prospect of actually making money from my photography, now that I have the professional tools to capture, edit and print the pictures.

Once my account is certified, you will be able to view my profile at and my porfolio at

I look forward to fulfilling the requests I’ve gotten for prints!  Yay for monetizing something I love.

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