The Refreshing May Bespoke Post Has Arrived

I’ve been a member of Birchbox for quite some time now. For $20 a month they ship to my doorstep a box full of products marketed to men. Generally speaking I get one physical product (sunglasses, tie, socks, whiskey stones, leather coasters) that meet or exceed the cost of the entire box. Along with that you might get one full-sized health or beauty product followed by sample sizes of three to five more products.

All in all it’s a decent deal, especially if you’re looking to discover new products. These shipments typically come in at a $30-60 value. However, recently I discovered a heavyweight contender in this space by the name of Bespoke Post. At $45 a month it costs more than twice the price of Birchbox but is it worth it? Why yes it is.

The May Bespoke Post Refresh shipment is a stuffed bag of swag!

My first shipment came today and boy was I surprised. Where Birchbox gave me sample sized items, Bespoke Post had full size and travel size items. On top of the fact that the items were so plentiful and large, the bag they came in was worth the cost. The entire box was worth the price of two three nearly four shipments! Let’s break this down.

Bespoke Post May Refresh Products

  • $90 — Blue Claw Co. Dopp Kit — A handmade in America travel bag. Incredibly durable with heavy-duty metal zipper, thick waxed-canvas exterior and bright blue nylon interior. This bag is what sold me on joining Bespoke post.
  • $20 — MITCH Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 8.5oz — Paul Mitchell’s line for men. This full-size shampoo + conditioner has a five star rating on, smells amazing and is sulfate free.
  • $20 — MITCH Reformer Matte Finish Texture Putty — A pliable texturizer that also gets fantastic reviews on Amazon for its hold, forgiving application and matte look.
  • $6 — Handmade Gold Moss Soap, 5oz — This soap smells incredible. It’s hand made by cold-pressing olive,coconut and hemp oils, organic shea butter, sea salt and fragrant oils.
  • $8 — Cremo Face Wash — I have been using their shaving cream for over a year now and absolutely love it. This facial cleanser is pH neutral and, you guessed it, gets rave reviews. Can’t wait to try this.
  • $2 — Gold Bond Lotion 0.75oz + Body Powder 1oz — These are sort of random but I suppose it isn’t a bad idea to have them in your travel bag, just in case.
  • $3 — Cortizone 10 Creme — Once again, one of those travel items you don’t really think about. Also worth nothing, this was not included with the packing list of this shipment. Perhaps it was a last minute add-on. Come to think of it, this would have been handy after I got bitten by sand fleas on my last trip to Vieques.
  • $11 — Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste — I love Marvis toothpastes, does that make me a hipster? This Italy toothpaste leaves your mouth insanely refreshed. I only use it when traveling since it’s a bit pricey but nothing wakes me up faster or refreshes my attitude after a long day of traveling than brushing my teeth with this just before landing.
  • $5 — Drinkwel Drinker’s Multivitamin — I take a multivitamin everyday. If I know I’m going out for an especially potent night of drinking I’ll take an extra one before I head out and make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night. Since starting that process I haven’t had a hangover. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this technique because drinkwel has created a line of multivitamins that are specifically made to be taken the night of your drinking to prevent said hangover. I’ll have to give this a try in Austin after a night on Sixth Street.

The May Bespoke Post Refresh bag is literally overflowing with incredible products that come together at a discount of $120!

Do the math. For $45 you get $165 worth of product. Before I picked up this Bespoke Post subscription I was shopping around for even just a decent travel bag. At Walgreens the cheapest option that wasn’t total crap came in at $35 and was just a black nylon bag. For $10 more I get all of these products and a bag that is far superior in every measurable way.

That I’m so pleased with Bespoke Post comes from a period of weariness. I originally ordered my box May 15th expecting it to arrive a week or so later. After that time passed I Tweeted at Bespoke Post inquiring about why billing took six days to process and why I still hadn’t gotten a shipping notification. They were quick to let me know what was going on and ensure that my box would arrive before my upcoming trip to Austin.

Click to view full conversation.

My next Birchbox Man shipment will arrive by the time I return from Austin and I’ll be sure to give it a review as well. There is also a Birchbox for Women which is actually their original subscription box. With Birchbox you are auto-shipped a new box each month. However, with Bespoke Post you are given the option of three different boxes and can even opt to skip a month. This is an awesome option that I’d love to see other setups like these offer.

A few people have asked me whether I prefer Birchbox Man more or less than Bespoke Post. The answer is a little complicated and comes down to price in the end. Each proves their value each month but at over twice the price, Bespoke Post might cost twice as much but also provides the added value of box cost to MSRP ratio of around 1:4 vs Birchbox’s 1:2 and has the option for selecting your box or skipping a month. It might simply come down to what you can afford.

If you decide to join either of these, please use my referral links:

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