The Snow Must Go On!

I washed my car two days ago.  Now now.  Don’t go and think that I washed my car in freezing weather and it froze solid.  I would never do that…  But I did have a really clean car, on the outside at least.  I knew that we were going to get some four inches of snow and instead of parking in my covered parking… I went for conveniences and parked right in front of my apartment.

After getting the passenger side door unlocked, and using needle-nosed pliers to pry the door open, I got inside of my snow covered car.  I still don’t have an ice scraper, keep convincing myself that this weather will subside and warmer weather doesn’t need a scraper.  Wrongo, still snowing.  So I warmed up my car, about ten minutes, and used a Bic pen to slice the ice on the windshield.  This is actually very effective.

The pen’s tip is sharp, hard metal and the slices combined with the heat from the defroster makes these floating icebergs on the windshield.  It was fun to watch them float around as the heat lifted them from the windshield.

It took nearly an hour to get to class, I made it for the last nine minutes of my philosophy course.  Oh well.

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