The Testicle Festival

Dave came to me with a dream… A dream to go to the Testicle Festival in Olean (Oh-Lee-Ann) Missouri. I made this dream come true… Sorry!


We were greeted by the biggest camel toe I have seen in quite some while, and an almost appropriate t-shirt.


This town has not seen VIP… Trust me…


And look at that class!




For a while we couldn’t even find the testicles…  Damn right?  I want my bull or pig or turkey testicles!


Oh, there they are


And the price was right!


Tastes like chicken… except you could too easily tell they were testicles.  We both tried one and then… well yeah, the texture is not for me.  Or the fact that they were testicles.

DSC_5423.JPGYeah, so that happened.



3 thoughts on “The Testicle Festival

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to that! I see the sign everytime I go home down 63. Sounds like you had a good time. Wanna get dinner tonight?

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