The Under21 Club

Oh shit haha, totally waved at a guy that was not Seth but sure as hell looked like him. Haha, how great is that? I am of course at Aroma’s.

So who’s Seth? Who are all of these people at the top of my post? Where has Justin been the past 48 hours?

All of these questions, and more, will be revealed.

First though, a shout out to Nick and Noah, both read my journal, but only one returns my phone calls (wink wink).

Ok, let’s start with two days ago. I spent the day in town, the entire day in town. I drove around, went shopping, took care of some errands, etc. I applied for a job at a bank out here too, just for shits and giggles.

At the end of the day I was unsure what exactly I was going to do. I had planned to go to Aroma’s and drink the night away (green tea silly) and hopefully meetup with some friends. I headed to Aroma’s, after a vigorous workout that had me near death with fatigue (sweet tits). The place was not that packed but the night was still young. I skipped the market, glad I did!

When I got here I saw two gorgeous girls at the table next to mine. These were the girls who deemed me “hella sexy”. haha. whatever. Anyways, they left for Market, but before vacating the premises, one of the girls told me to beat up anyone who tried to take her table and that she would be back in an hour.

Well, come an hour later, she appears, and her table is taken. I offer her the seat across from me at my table. We get to chatting, her name is Madeline, I call her Izzy. She was born in Houston but grew up in Massachusetts. She is going to school out here, taking a Spanish class. We told our stories of how we ended up in California, about our family (her parents live in Austin!) and just life. Meanwhile she was not getting any studying done. We stopped conversation, I picked up my book and she her flash cards.

For a study break, we got some white chocolate mocha and a scone. Got to talking more, just had a fabulous time. I think we are going to be Salsa partners at the Flamingo hotel! I am so digging that idea.

I went home, got some sleep. Woke up the next day, back on the couch. I am all about the couch these days. Back to my “straight to VHS” story.

Mr Dumbass himself actually shows up to work on this pale and worried morning. The skies are ash and coal, the wind is damp and cold, like a winter’s breath. The rain began to pang and ping upon the roof, hard and faster with each minute. Dumbass and his hot son were working on the back porch, finally putting the new one on. A tapping could be heard in the hallway, like the sound of your mother’s heel on the kitchen floor as she stands before you, caught in the act of scraping that very edge of the cake’s icing.

I turn to find the source of the tapping. Hark! A leak in the ceiling. As you may have read, we are getting a new roof, but cannot get that until the house foundation is leveled. I inform John of this problem. Taking his time, John enters the house and admires the sctream of water dripping from the edge of a ceiling tile. He tells me to get a ladder and take out the tile to keep the water from traveling across the ceiling. Reluctant to the chore, and dressed up a bit, annoyed to a new level, I do as he instructed.

Next thing I know there is another leak, and then another, totalling some 13 leaks. I go back outside and explain exclaim that there are now several more leaks. “I am not sure what you mean by that,” replies he with his chin reaching for his forehead.

I kicked him in the face.

Rather, I wanted to.

He says he is going to take a lunch break and will come back with a tarp for the roof. Meanwhile I run around the house with tupperware, catching the brown drops. At my wit’s end, I abandon ship and head to town.

Aroma Roaster’s svelte caramel and deep komodo bekoned me.

A very attractive duo of 6’5″ chatted it up behind me in line. I kept staring, from the cowboy boots to the trimmed pants to the electric black hair.

A few hours later, after exchanging David Sedaris stories with a delightful couple, I headed to PI for a meeting.

The meeting at PI was fantastic. I opened up to everyone, made several new friends, and just really felt good about the entire thing.

Leaving PI I overheard two guys talking about getting a cab back home. Never wanting people to just throw money away, I offered them a ride. Low and behold, my emo guy and a marine! Driving them home, they ask me my plans for the night. I tell them of my plans, to hit up Aroma’s for a bit of socializing and then to Gold’s for exercising. Shazam, they ask me if i want to go to a club with them in the city. (San Francisco)

So we head to San Francisco (cutting out a good bit of story here). We get to the club and because god wanted to play with me, I used my fake ID to get into the club… an 18 and up club. I certainly was not going to drink, being the driver, so why did I do it? Long story short, they took my fake, gave me back my real, and told me I could not go in. Oh well, that’s ok.

I have an absolute blast outside of Pop Scene! Mingling with other friendly guys and gals, I just talked the night away. I played some jokes on these drunk guys and these two really cute girls (Betty and Nadine) which had two other guys in awe. “You should really be like a writer or something, you’re funny”

Just got a call from Noah, he is on his way over here haha. I apparently have great powers with my posts. Quite influential they are.

We then searched for this after-party at 48th and Irvine/Irving. It totally did not exist haha. But it was a fun drive! We took a little break (potty time!) outside of the park.

Laura was just hanging out in the car while we walked around a bit.

We decided it was time, at nearly 4am, to head back to Santa Rosa.

Dropped off everyone, less Jason (the marine). He and I hit up Denny’s for food and gossip time. Well, not really gossip, but just talk time. Really great conversations.

Off to PI orientation plus interview for an intership at PI. It was so great. I bought a shirt from the Salvation Army to wear to the meeting since I was still wearing the clothes from the night before (I did get to shower at Jason’s hotel room).

I had this amazing sandwich and then went to see The Interpretor. I really enjoyed the movie, and the company was just awesome!… haha

Drove ’round town and then headed home.

The fog today was just beautiful, but it kept me from being able to take the pictures I was aching to take off the top of Fountaingrove.

Dilly dallied around, missed a call from Clay, headed to Santa Rosa. I walked all over downtown and a bit beyond. Walked to Seth’s house, left him a note on his door, and here I am!

Gotta go! Ciao babes

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