There’s Custard in the Icebox

Micheal, Maximilien, Ryan and I took a detour from our day of detours (you know, the day I should have been preparing for my trip) and went to the south side of town for some Andy’s Custard and a trip to The Devil’s Icebox to burn off at least a little of what we would consume at Andy’s.

The custard was delicious.  The cold chill of our tasty delight was a welcome to the hot and humid air choking us every moment outside.  It almost made up for it.  Almost.

After we devoured our custard we drove down to The Devil’s Icebox.  It was so beautiful and, while hot, bearable the closer we got the caves. Icy cool breezes juxtaposed to the heavy air around us were a welcomed feature of the steps leading down towards the darkness of the cave.

Once there a chill surrounded us, wrapped us in its long, thin arms.  WIth the sun setting and since we had no flash lights or anything more than flip flops on, we were forced to turn around and head back to the sultry environment above.

For some reason, probably because Micheal and Ryan are little boys at heart, we ran back to the car slowing only when our feet met the slimy, wet slate steps to the bridge.

We drove a little further down the road before we headed back to town, meeting around a dozen, or more, little bunnies, as we drove.

It was a fun night, and even though I should have been gathering, packing and running errands, it was worth it.

P.S., waiting on pics from Micheal 😉

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One thought on “There’s Custard in the Icebox

  1. Hey!  That was perhaps the best description of hella humidity and the cave that I’ve ever read!  Nice vocabulary, man!!  And, yay for the imagery!  It’s nice to read something that’s not so trite (like most blogs)!  :-)I kinda miss the bunnies, too.  Ever since I met Micheal’s Peanut Butter, I’ve got this new-found love for little animals.  I really want one of those little bunnies!!! Haha.Hope you’re enjoying the trip (and the ridiculously long layovers)!

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