There’s Only One 21st

Bowling for Soup – Ohio (Come Back to Texas)

I heard this song today on XM Channel 21, Kiss. Totally had this cd but never listened to this song. I absolutely love it haha. So many fabulous songs about Texas, this is just another on on the list.

I am actually enjoying XM Satellite Channel 112, Vox!. It is opera, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This station is enough of a reason for XM Satellite Radio. Can anyone ever get enough opera?

Let’s do a recap since I last made a real post, July 26! How awful is that? Well here goes.

Things were getting pretty rough around here. I had to make my decision on whether or not I was going back to Columbia which would mean possible changes in work, home, friends, relationships, school and so many other facets of my life. I was getting sick with the thoughts, staying and leaving. Joseph had completely convinced me to go back to Columbia. I called my mother and told her I had made my decision and she told me something I never would have expected… she wanted me to stay in California.

My grandmother arrived a few days later and helped me work out some things in my life. We talked pretty candidly about my life in Columbia, Acacia, Geoff, the apartment, the university and what kind of future would blossom from my history there. The flowers were looking pretty dull.

California is where I belong, I believe. So I am not going back to Columbia. Sometime I will have to get up there to clean out my apartment and figure out someone to live there. I still can’t get away from some parts of my past in Columbia. Like blood on a silk tie, my relationship with Geoff will forever be with me, as a burden and as a goal to work towards. If I can have what I had with Geoff, with someone else, then I believe I will have truly succeeded in surmounting what our relationship created upon me. As Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, and now it is the beginning of the end of those times.

Of the people I am going to miss the most in Columbia, not as a tally for those f’d up enough to figure as much, Landon, Jenny, Jim, Geoff, Dave and those who helped me through the roughest times after “D-Day”. Landon… Geoff… I don’t know what exactly to do about my feelings for these two. Their ethos impression within me has proven everlasting. I cannot think of either of these two people without a smile and a tear. Essentially why I need to leave Columbia.

So here I am, California.

My grandmother came up here, we had a blast. Just like old times we ran around town, went shopping, dinning and gossiping. We bitch slapped John, the contractor. What a complete goon. $20,000 wasted on a shabby roof and an admittedly nice back porch. My grandmother is sending up her contractor crew from Houston to do the rest of the work on my house. Within weeks of their arrival, the house could/should be finished. While they work here I will have to find a place to life, possibly Seth’s. I cannot wait to have a new kitchen, bathroom, ceiling (haha) and new carpet. We are putting in French doors to the back and floor to ceiling windows in the living room, beautiful!

My grandmother bought me a few bottles of great champange and a bottle of wine for my birthday, along with a little check (yay for checks!). The money is going into my mutual fund as soon as I can get it mailed out. A nice chunk into my stocks, hip hip horray. Sadly I had to work pretty late the day before and the day of my birthday. We however did get a quick hit up on the local college here and a great lunch and early dinner on my birthday. I had an absolutely fantastic time with her, but why should I be surprised? We always have a blast, deep conversation, hilarious adventures and lots of love. I talk to her more than anyone else in my life!

This birthday was perhaps the best I have ever had. Sure beat my last one, not that it was in anyones’ control. It just was a bunch of unfortunate situations, some parts of it were incredible, hindsight 20:20…

I got a card from eveyone at work, a gift from Barbra from work (I absolutely love her. She is like my mom here in California. Shannon gave me Rockem Sockem Robots! LoL!!! I got phone calls from everyone and their cousin (my cousins too) and facebook wallposts/messages and myspace messages out the wazoo. Nothing from Acacia but meh, whatev, that’s ok.

Perhaps the best gift of all was from Seth. A romantic dinner. He made steaks, rice pilaf, a fresh green salad with a fruit combo for desert that was as beautiful as it was delicious. We listened to quiet classic love songs as we ate to candle light in his dinning room. It took all I had not to break down into tears. I did anyways. The night was perfect. I raced home to say goodnight to my grandmother, ate some birthday cake with her and then headed back to Seth’s to have some more time with him.

Things have been a bit hairy for us recently. I don’t know where we are heading. Hopefully things will work out. Our schedules just don’t match up, and we are so different, as much as we like each other, I am not sure our relationship will survive the differences, the time and the opinions.

All in all I had the best birthday of ages (pun).

Now for a breifing of things currently going on in my life, elaboration will come as I find the time, I open my store tomorrow so I gotta get some sleep!

Going to school out here
Taking voice lessons
I got XM Satellite Radio (which rocks me hard!!!)
Parents are looking at spending Christmas in Colorado
Having dreams about Harry Potter (weird!)
Having dreams about Columbia (heart breaking)
Stacy, the Starbucks trainer, has become a total bitch
I have made friends at work, great ones!
My car works again
I got a Kirby vaccuum (worth $1300 for $25!)
Cleaning my house (will be so fabulous once it is done)
My knee is not any better
Got beshaggled at Davedevils and Queens
My eye hurts and is swollen!
Bumped into an old friend today
Much much more!

So stay tuned. I am going to make a concerted effort to spend more time at my own place which means more time to work on my journal.

Love you all, most of ya at least.


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