They Call Me the MOD

“Jimminy Cricket Coack Freeman, I’m trying my darndest!”

So back in my K-12 years, Kyle Bosse spread the weakest rumor ever to come out of Bellville Junior High School. I supposedly made that very declaration to the shotput/discus track-coach.

Let me set the record straight. I, Justin Scott, never spoke those words to Coach Wheeler, or any other coach, teacher, counselor, janitor, librarian, et all; during my k-12 years.

Whew, with that off my chest, let’s begin.

I spent the other day cleaning up Seth’s house for him. It was such a blast. Then I cuddled up with the down comforter and watch a little Jackie Brown

Seth gave me a fabulous massage the other day, following a perhaps more fabulous massage from me to him, wink wink. Last night Seth and I enjoyed the movie, Spanglish. Officially one of my favorite movies.

Work today was great. Long but great. I got my Transfer so starting Monday, Starbucks is my baby. I work forty hours a week there plus I may become the second manager for Starbucks! Rock on right? A fellow Starbuckian named Melissa is Manager One and she thinks that I am Manager Two. That would be so cool. Specialists get double overtime and holiday pay. Plus all the coffee I could ever want.

In other news. My new debit card came in today, thanks Jenny. Plus, my missing package from my mom came in today as well. It was a check but most important some novelty items my mother picked up while touring Europe for several weeks this summer. I am so very glad that they had such a fun time. Yay mom and dad.

I got a case for my iPod Shuffle, it is so chic! haha

Last night Seth and I watched Spanglish and made macaroni in bread bowls. Delicious! And so unhealthy haha. Still, it was delicious. We also had ice cream together, our first ice cream together. That is a big step for me. Not joking at all here… Does that make me weird? After the Geoff and Justin era ended, ice cream made me just about vomit, for about three months, more maybe…

I just got home, first night away from Seth in… since we started dating. Maybe one night apart but I am not even so sure about that. Got home and listened to the message on my answering machine. Bad news. They had my strep results mixed up with another test result, I do have strep… so that is why my throat hurts like hell. Thanks for doing your jobs… geeze! I would be non-contagious right now, I would have no sore throat, I would be feeling great if you had done your job properly. That is uncalled for. Reminds me of the mix up that almost ended the marriage of a family friend. Mother/Wife was diagnosed with an STD while pregnant with her second child which could only have come from her husband… which is to mean that he was cheating on her. The divorce papers were eager on the presses as the doctor called weeks later to tell the mother that she actually did not have any STDs. Marriage saved but what the hell?

Dinner tonight was absolutely fabulous! Some of the best Chinese food I have ever had, plus the company was fantastic. Seth and I had a great time. It was a really nice restaurant, my first four star restaurant since I left Houston. Speaking of which, my mom was eating at the infamous Tony’s in Houston as was driving up to Wendy’s for the dollar menu… Her dinner was about $125 plus drinks and mine was $1.07… haha. Must be nice.

We sat on the couch after dinner for about an hour, I feel asleep playing with his hair and at about 10:00 I headed home.

I should get to sleep though. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to pick up my prescriptions (can’t work for two days). Thursday I go to the specialist for my knee. It hurts like a mofo on wheat right now. ARGH!

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher is a hottie.

Much love you all.

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  1. your welcome! Don’t worry I am going to pay that money today….finally…man I am a bad friend….well not that bad

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