Things to Write About

Today –

Job interview


Garden State

Keith and the Girl (boooo)


Contractor’s thoughts on Geurneville

Meanwhile, I am off to Gold’s Gym to workout! Catch you hotties later.

I am full of excitment right now, a peak of happiness.

Don’t forget to vote for my site. I am Number 14 now, hope’n and pray’n for a top ten spot!

There is much to write about these days. Over to the right you can see my big topics I need to expose. They will be classic Justin posts… beware!

Oh, and Andrew, I absolutely love your LV bag. What a great deal! I am loving my little Old Navy canvas “man purse”, but in the market for something a little more elegant.

Plus, a review on Auntie Mame (so far a completely fabulous read!)

Love you all. Keep on keeping on, I always say…

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