This Airport Sucks

I’ve been to the Las Vegas airport before but this is the first time it’s suckage has really hit me. The people who work here are all ex-strippers who have doubled or trippled their weight, stripped their hair of any natural pigment and smoke enough cigs that their faces look like leather. Oh, but that assumes they are even working. Most places are closed…

Ive seen more teeth grills than a 50cent music video and a bottle of Gatorade G2 just cost me $3.89. Oh and then there’s the never ending bling blang blong of the slot machines. I’ve been here for nearly two hours and NOONE has won anything, yet they all keep throwing their money away.

But I digress. Used my iPhone to send out a press release to 4,000 people which was sweet and now I’m just waiting for my flight to board and take off.

Oh, but the flight just got delayed. I was hoping to meetup with either or both of my dad who is flying out of SFO and maybe Jestertunes who is flying into SFO when I’ll be there. So no meeting up with them now 🙁

Oh well. More time for me to absorb this beautiful airport… I did attach a pic of the nicest part, the C to A/B Terminal connector. It’s actually quite nice!

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