This is What You Do

When you are stuck in Columbia Missouri with nothing to do but walk around town with your camera.

This picture actually is kinda cool, I shot it in pure day light but set my aperture to as tight as it would go and had a fast shutter, turned the wight balance to incandescent and let the fluorescent light in a parking garage light me up.  I turned out looking really green and evil.  Love it.  Pretty cool too cause it was so bright in there, you’d never know!

Nothing exciting, but that’s exactly the point.  Columbia is lame-oh, when you don’t have friend who are also technically jobless and have so much time to just walk around town haha.

I need a photography buddy in Columbia so we can be stupid dorks about photography, art photography, whatever.  I had that in California and wow, how awesome.  These days I hardly even do photoshoots or even just go out and take pictures, that’s a shame as I love doing it so much.

Hopefully I will spend some of my time on this impromptu vacation taking pics and exploring new tips, tricks and techniques.

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3 thoughts on “This is What You Do

  1. Well, we weren’t photography buddies in the sense that you referred to… but  I do miss being able to take pictures with you even though it didn’t happen too often.

  2. Oh yes you were haha, remember the skate park?  I felt so scandalous!  We just didn’t get to do it enough, sad face.  Seems like there would be plenty of people in Columbia to play photography with, I just need to find a way to meet them.

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