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I’ve been lazy posting recently because I’ve been going back in time and re-categorizing and tagging all my old posts.  I did some work on my MySQL database and deleted one extra table too many… oops.  So I lost all the categories for posts.  So, slowly I am putting categories and tags to all my posts.  I’m 10% done.  Seems like I should be closer to finished.  Ugh.

So, in leu of an actual post, here are some videos that caught my fancy this week.

First we have the Skittles Chocolate advertisement.  If all advertisements were this entertaining, I wouldn’t “Tivo” past them.  It’s so simple, yet so hilarious.  Maybe just to me, you be the judge

[flv:Skittles_Chocolate.flv 425 325]

Next up is a documentary that calls out the coffee companies on their bean purchasing practices.  That really irks me about this movie, is how misleading it is.  [Disclaimer: I haven’t actually seen it, but if it is as the preview advertises and most of these stories go, I think I know what’s going on]

They act like companies, say… Starbucks, pay pennies on the dollar for the beans as compared to the price at the store.  What they neglect to mention is the fact that when the beans get to the beaneries, they are raw.  No treatments have been done beyond maybe some washing and curing in the sun.  They haven’t been roasted, flavored, QC’d, packaged and shipped.  It is the price at the scene.

It’s like calling out Chick-Fil-A for selling a sandwich for $2.59 when the breast they used for it cost them $0.65.  There were so many things that happened between the death of the chicken and the serving of the sandwich.

Now, I can’t say much for bulk coffee companies like Folger’s and Maxwell House, they are both notorious for poor practices.  Either way, the movie looks interesting.

[flv:Black_Gold.flv 425 325]

And finally… No wonder the Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy.  How stupid is this thing?  I mean, it looks fake it’s so bad.  haha

[flv:Sharper_Image_Harp.flv 425 325]

5 thoughts on “This Week in Video

  1. Wow, that Beamz thing is worse than guitar hero! I guess if you have no talent or skill and can’t play an actual instrument…

  2. Well, that sound machine really isn’t anything new. The Theremin was invented in 1919, and this is really just a play on that.

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