To Geoff

As we close one chapter of our lives together, we only allow ourselves to open up a new chapter. I am ready to start that new chapter in our book. Will you join? Let us both say goodbye to this confrontational period. How could we have let this happen to us? We were such incredible friends, we were so in love…

Try to close your eyes, sing the words as the trumpet calls them out to you.

I played this song on my computer over and over the summer between middle school and high school as my best friend was leaving me. I cried for a solid two weeks after I got the news he was moving away.

This song gained even greater meaning to me as I played it on my trumpet at the funeral a great friend. Never have I played with such emotion…

Geoff, our relationship as friends and lovers ending has been the greatest loss this far in my life. This song perhaps can signal the end. I am saying goodbye, tears fill my eyes as I imagine you going further into the distance as I play my trumpet on for you, saying goodbye one last time and all the while never ending its call to you.

Let the note ring true as I love you, now and always.

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