To the MAC Cave!


Seth and I did laundry… (just an excuse to use this picture)

However, the real story here is that we all went to a fabulous MAC party last night. It was MAC’s fiscal year end party and MAC employees were allowed to bring their spouse with them. Loren and I were Seth’s spouses. Hardcore, w00t!

It was at this really cool club, The Loft at 11th. Awesome hiphop music, reminded me of the clubs I am used to going to with Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliot, etc. We danced and danced, I fucking killed my knee some more… It was a blast though. The club was so awesome looking though. Two stories, two bars, a smoking room (haha) and just all of these beautiful people. A room full of makeup artists and their models.

In fact, the regional manager of MAC Cosmetics asked me if I was a model! How awesome is THAT?! That sure boosts your self esteem. What else boosts your self esteem? Hanging out with your friends. Loren got back from Australia yesterday, it is so nice to have her back. I was cleaning up the house when she arrived, I got to spend time with here before everyone else, w00t w00t haha.

I just love this club, we are totally going back there sometime soon. Fo’shizzle.

As it is with every trip home from San Francisco… we got lost. For serious, we have never gotten home from San Francisco without getting lost. It is so weird as it should be so easy to get out of the city… alas it sooo is’nt. Maybe it is because we don’t leave till like two or three in the morning.

Luckily we bumped into a really interesting fella haha. He looked like a young Karl Rove (KKKarl as I call him…). He was driving a Nissan NSX with the license plate of SXVENOM.

He was totally the kind of guy who reads comic books and works on the fourteenth floor of some accounting company. A total dork but the sweetest guy. He led us to the freeway and soon enough we were on our way home.

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  1. hey babe…I miss you! It looks like you are having a great time in Cali. Sorry to hear about your knee…sounds painful…anyway….talk to you later! muah*

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