Today and Tomorrow

This post is going to mostly be photos as I am needing to get to sleep.

Dave spent the night last night, we had a slumber party of sorts. It was a blast. We got up, had lunch with Erin and then went to “our house” to pick up the box we had left there. This is a house that is abandoned, we searched through it and found out the man who used to live there and where he lives now and what he does. It was really fun. Last time we were there we were run off the property by some guy…

Here is the house. Later on you will see picture of some of the stuff we took from the house, shhhh!

I hung out with Landon for a while, then picked Dave back up and we went to a “secret” trail/river to take pictures of our treasure from our house. We also built a damn for a few hours, it was way too much fun. I had such a great time with Dave, he really makes me feel as if people really do love me.

I am really proud of these pictures. Some of them are just perfect, in my eyes. I cannot stress how much fun I had damning up the river and just being adventurous with Dave.

We were so dirty after the river, we both bathed and then all met up for the drag show. There was a ton of us going, Jim was all dressed up and Will was dressed up at the end of the show as a makeover. It was a great show. CoCo does an amazing Tina Turner.

After the show, about 20 of us went to Steak and Shake. It was a blast. Jim made some crazy faces haha, I love him. He, Jenny and Dave are my three favorite people here in Columbia for sure. How I love them!

So today was probably the perfect last day in Columbia. I return Sunday.

I leave you with this song.

Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi – Fly Like a Bird

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  1. yeah! I thought I was going to die when i didn’t have your journal to read yesterday! I will miss you but I know I can survive until sunday. xoxo x infinity!

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