Too Damn Predictable

I am way too predictable. Have you noticed that? I am totally not taking a nap and am instead playing with iTunes, writing in my journal and taking pictures. The three things my life seems to revolve, if not evolve, around. I love taking sneaky pictures of people. I am going to do a lot of that in California, at least that is the plan. There are so many pretty people haha.

It is still updating the songs on my iPod, 48 songs remaining. Though in its defense, I changed out about 30 songs that I really did not want on there. For the most part my iPod shuffle does a good job with music selection. However, it seems to really like the boy bands and the Team America World Police soundtrack. Oh well.

I want to be in love again and with someone that is in love with me. I am erally craving that right now because of that stupid Ryan Cabrera song, True. Damn Geoff for being able to affect me even when he probably is not trying. GAH!!!! A reason I am getting thousands of miles away from him.

I took some awesome pictures of the Rocky Mountains (?). Let’s just call it the Continental Divide hehe. I am over it now, so we must be getting close to California. I feel like an earthquake is on the way. Weird…

I am rocking out to Sarah Brightman – La Luna – Winter in July. Kick arse. I absolutely love Sarah Brightman. I am constantly amaed with her power and grace. She could fall in love with me any day haha.

Shit, serious turbulence right there (still can’t spell that correctly). I feel that we are descending… oh wait, thrust and we are going up a bit. I thought I felt the landing gear (is that the proper term?) go down, but that can’t be right, we are far too high up in the air.

Damn, the iPod shuffle is totally draining my computer battery. I think it is because of all the processing power it requires. It converts every file over 128 kbps down to that to get the maximum number of songs on the iPod. Plus I was editing some photos which uses a lot of power. I still have 1.5 hours left on this battery, and 3 hours on the other battery, so I am good to go. I of course brought my charger.

I think I am going to go for now, this plane is shaking really too much for comfort. It makes typing a little bit difficult. It is kind of fun though to type right now, I feel like the character from Garden State, complete chaos around him but he is so doped up on medications (of the psychotic variety) that he cannot feel anything. I know I am not that bad but here I am, typing away as my plane is shaking like a leaf. Plus, listening to opera haha. Gotta love the opera. And I gotta find better similes.

Much love.

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