Transparent Reflections

In memory of Mark’s thougts of my “art”, I thought about scanning some random things and making them artistic, at least artistic to me. The first is what happens when you scan the burned out breaklight from a Honda Accord (my Honda Accord). I replaced the left one last week and the right one this week, bah for paying $12 for what could have cost me $4 if I had just bought the two pack from the start…

The picture is hardly interesting to look at, click it for the full sized version on Flickr.

But what happens when you scan the bulb as though it were a film or transparency? Luckily I have a kickass scanner (to me at least) that allows me to do just this. I absolutely love this picture, it is the background on my laptop right now. Check out the full sized version by clicking the picture.

So what do you think? Am I wrong to consider this artistic (the transparency picture) or is Mark just an artard?

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