Trent’s Birthday Party

So Trent had his 19th… or was it his 20th?… birthday party at our house. It was a blast. There was a butt load of people there but they all pretty much behaved themselves. All but one actually. This one guy punched me in the kidneys because I was taking pictures. He was like, “What the fuck are you taking pictures for?!”… I told him it was my apartment and my friend’s birthday and that it was my right to take pictures.

Trent found out that this guy was a bastard to me and, well he took care of business. hehe.

Here are some pictures I was able to take, before getting punched.

This is our “Hall of Fame” which has grown quite a bit. We have recently changed its lighting and arrangement, hopefully I can get pics of that up too. w00t. Our place is really coming around.

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